Monday, 27 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday again!

Meowmie is still busy playing her stoopid computey gayme. Dis means dat we poodins don't get NEAR da computey dese days. I ask her why she play so much - she say she find it relaxing. I tell her, Silly Bean, she has three poodins, how much more relaxing does she need!! She say we is not furry relaxing poodins between hissings and fightings and yakkings and wantings in and outs and pillings . . . I tell her dat she shud complayn - da pillings aint exaccly relaxing fur me efur . . . dat remind her dat last nyte I foamed at da mouf when she tried to gif me my pills and den I spat it out somewhere she cudn't find so she gaf up. Dat mayke her say dat wot she find relaxing abowt da gayme is killing fings.

I'm sure she not mean dere is poodins in da gayme to kill. But I not tayke da risk and I is quiet after dat.

Minxy is sleeping on da couch by Meowmie's legs at da moment and she SNORING!! Meowmie fink dis is funny - I fink it undignified. POODINS DON'T SNORE! Or at least dey shudn't! Wot you fink? Any of you poodins snore?

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mischevious Muffin?

Meowmie finks dat Muffin is being a naughty little impy-puss on purrpose, just to worry her. See, while Muffin is a very nice affectionate and cuddly poodin, she doesn't tend to approwch you for cuddles - you go to her and she's quite pleased and happy to gif dem to you, but she doesn't offen come lukking for dem. While Meowmie finks it's sad dat Muffin doesn't, she figures it's cos Ebbie and I are sumtimes mean poodins who don't let Muffin near Meowmie and Muffin has learned it's easier to wait for Meowmie to come to her rafur dan try and get past Ebbie and me.

But in da last few days, Meowmie is worried cos Muffin's behaviour has changed - changed in a good way, but Meowmie still worries cos poodins don't change long standing behafviours for no reason, rite? But I fink maybe Muffin has! See, ofur da last few days Muffin has started crying up da hall way in da middle of da night for no reason - she not hungry, she not want da litter box, she not want out, she not want Meowmie to stand wif her while she eats or pees or poops - she just wants Meowmie to get up and keep her company. Dat not so bad, except Meowmie furry tired cos she got to get up to da baybee cat all da tyme. Meowmie just fink Muffin lonelee and want to make sure Meowmie still dere. Only also ofur da last few days, Muffin been going in to Meowmie's bedroom - dis odd cos, in three years, Muffin NEFUR go into Meowmie's bedroom - she did a little bit when she was a little baybee kitten poodin, but den I chased her owt (cos I was two weeks older and a bit bigger) and den Ebbie cayme along, and Muffin just not bofur trying to get in . . . but last few days Muffin been sneaking in and sniffing and exploring and lukking and den, last night, when I was in da lounge and Ebbie was owt, Muffin went into Meowmie's bedroom and demanded dat Meowmie hurry up and get into bed, and den Muffin curled up on da spare pillow by Meowmie's head and slept dere ALL NYTE! Muffin NEFUR done dat before! She usually sleep in da guest bedroom!

Meowmie wud haf thought dis was okay, except Muffin still woke up and cried efurry couple of hours, mayking Meowmie wayke up to say "It okay, Muffin, Meowmie still here" and giving her pets to mayke her feel sayfe again.

Meowmie not know what to mayke of it! Muffin more clingy now too - she nefur been lyke dis! It's not a bad change (except for da cry baybee poodin bit), but it is a BIG one . . . Meowmie wonder if maybe da last vet visit upset Muffin and scared her, cos Muffin came back wif a bruise on her neck where da blud was stolen, so maybe she wriggled at da wrong tyme and got scared? Or maybe she feeling sick now and want Meowmie close? Meowmie worried dat Muffin know sumfing Meowmie doesn't - like when our brofur, Bobby, wot came before us, died, he knew - he stood wif Meowmie on da porch lukking at Meowmie den out into da nyte lyke he was saying "Sorry, Mom, I don't want to leave you, but I can hear God calling me, and I just have to go, and I don't want you to see me leave . . . " and dat worry Meowmie dat Muffin myte know too.

I fink Meowmie being silly - Muffin furry healfy ofur all. Her kidneys a little bit damaged, but no worse dan da start of da year. Meowmie has her on da prescipshun kidney fud to keep dem healfy, and efun da naughty fud Muffin steals from us hasn't hurt, and yes, Muffin haf a bladder infection, but da antybyoticks clear dat up! Muffin eating well and drinking well, and nuffing wrong with wanting more Meowmie cuddles - I know Meowmie nefur gifs me enuff, speshully when she playing da stupid gayme and I go to cuddle her and she yell "Minxy, Minxy, get OFF the laptop, I'm busy killing things, go away, I can't see, OH FUK I DIED."

Meowmie uses bad words sumtimes.

Fank you for all da replies to da last post - mayde Meowmie feel better knowing she not doing anyfing to mayke Muffin sick, cos she luff Muffin furry much. She did gif Muffin's litter box a good scrub and put fresh litter pearls in - but typically, Muffin hasn't used it since cos she lykes outside better. I lyke da barftub, cos den I can try and try to cover it, den go wayke Meowmie up wif my cold, pee covered paws, so dat she can go fix da mess I mayde - Meowmie LUFFS it when I wake her up by putting Pee Paws on her mouf. TEEHEEHEE!

Headbutts and Purrs,

Minxy (the Monkey - Meowmie calling me dat now. Some how she get from Minx to Minxy to Mincey, to Minkey, to Monkey. Meowmie silly.)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Putting on our finking caps . . .

Hi every poodin and bean - Meowmie here! I've just been talking to Muffin's vet - Muffin is still fine and fit as a fiddle, but it turns out that the bladder infection she's got is a particularly difficult type of E. Coli - one that's only sensitive to a single (nasty tasting) antibiotic - and NOT the one she's on for her sniffles! It's good that the infection can be treated, of course, but what worries me is the fact that Muffin is getting these quite frequently, and I have no way of knowing when she's got them because she doesn't have any symptoms whatsoever - sometimes she drinks a little more, but sometimes that doesn't mean anything (last time I took her to the vet when she was drinking more she was fine, no infection).

So what I'm hoping is that all you poodins and beans, with all your vast cat experience, could put your thinking caps on and suggest ways that I can help prevent Muffin from getting these infections in the first place! I mean I only found out about this one by chance because she needed her kidney tests done . . . . and the idea that she's having recurring, chronic infections with hard to treat bacteria really freaks me out! Makes me wonder if it's because I don't keep the house clean enough or something. (First thing I'm doing when I get home is TRIPLE disinfecting the litter box and putting fresh litter pearls in it!). I will ask the vet if there's anything I can do/give her, of course - there might be some sort of supplement for good kidney/bladder health in kitties, maybe something I can add to her water fountain even . . . but yeah, thousands of poodin heads are better than one! Muffin is still very healthy now - but I'd really like her to stay that way for a very long time! She's only three! She's too young to have e.coli.

Thanks guys,

Meowmie (freaking out a bit)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

We is furry unimpuressed . . .

We is furry unimpressed with Meowmie at da moment - she sez she hasn't been able to let us blog cos she has been sick (she sez she haz da syde effects of da medycashuns) and cos she has been busy (yesterday she did da foto shoot wif a bean instead of a poodin) but WE KNOW dat da REAL reason she' hasn't let us blog is cos she is PLAYING DA NEW GAYME ALL DA TIME!!

She doesn't fool us!

She didn't efun let me come andblog abowt Muffin going to da vet on Fursday. Muffin is okay, she just needed to go and get her six munf blud tests for her sick kidneys, and she came back from da cat prisun wif da sneezes so Meowmie wanted dat chekked out too. Da blud tests not bak yet but Meowmie pretty shure dey be okay - Muffin has a nekkid patch on her neck and a bruise on her skin where da needle went in; Meowmie finks she mite haf wriggled! - and da vet put Muffin on antty by oticks for da sneezes just in case, cos Muffin's sick kidneys means it's better if she not get sick at all. Da sneezes are getting better now - not nearly as much or as often - altho Meowmie getting frustrated cos she trying to keep Muffin inside where it warm and cosy and gud for sneezes, but Muffin want outside all da tyme! (Muffin silly - I lyke it inside, specially when da heater on).

Meowmie ALSO didn't let us tell you dat we haf anofur new cousin - Meowmie's sisfur, da one dat got da Maine Coon kitten, Saxon, just got to adopt Saxon's full litter mate, Sherbert. Meowmie is furry jealous cos Sherbert's breeder let Meowmie's sisfur have her for free, cos Sherbert has a problem wif her chest and needed a gud home dat wud luff her and not mind maybe da extra vet bills, so da breeder thought dat Meowmie's sisfur wud tayke gud care of her and dat is was nice dat Sherbert got to be wif her full brofur . . . Meowmie says dat dey hissing at each ofur tho cos they been away from each ofur for ofur a munf!

Meowmie is furry tempted to put her name down for one of da new kittens dat da breeder's lady cats is haffing (she has two Queens dat are haffing kittens) but Meowmie knows dat she has to do what is best for us, her current poodins, and for da baybee kitten - and Meowmie knows dat Ebbie wud want to EAT da kitten, and dat Meowmie herself doesn't really haf enuff colored paypers to luk after anofur poodin, espheshully if Muffin needs her kidneys looked after more. But Meowmie says dat one day we WILL get a new Maine Coon brofur - I fink I wud lyke dat. As long as he knows who boss!

Dat all for now - I try and mayke Meowme tayke proper fotos of us poodins instead of silly fotos of da bean's university graduashun!

Lots of purrs and headbutts,


Saturday, 11 August 2007


We is bak! Home frum PRISUN. Okay, so it wasn't reeeally prisun, but we cudn't go outside at ALL. We was all gud gurl tho, and da cattery laydee gave us all glowing repurts, efun Ebbie - Meowmie wanted to know which Ebbie she'd been lukking after, cos it certainly wasn't hers! But Ebbie lykes it better on her own, so I guess she was all nyce and smoochy wifout da ofur poodins round. Muffin and I were gud too and got upgraded to our own luxury suite away frum da ofur poodins. Not cos we was bad or anyfing - we got on wif da ofur poodins fine and lyked dem all and was nyce to dem and dey was nyce to us, but because we all need our own fuds and Muffin needs her pills, da cattery laydee decided dat since she has extra space available she wud put us in a seperate big run so it was easier for her to feed us and mayke shure we got da rite fud and da ofur cats didn't eat da wrong fud. She lyked us bof a lot too, and Muffin is always a big sweetie poodin efun when she's somewhere strange. When Meowmie cayme to get us, we wudn't come out of our cat condos - we don't haf doze at home, so we didn't wat to leaf dem! She had to pull us out! Ebbie too!

But we home now and happy to be hear - we haf had stinky goodness and Meowmie cuddles and haf explored outside to mayke sure all da gud sniffs are still in da rite place.

Meowmie didn't haf such a gud holiday, efun tho there was a meezer dere for her to cuddle, cos her bestest frend miscarryed her little baby bean da nite Meowmie arrifed . . Meowmie keeps telling her she shud have kittens instead of babies! But dey was all furry sad, so just spent time togefur luffing on each ofur and didn't go out much.

Course, Meowmie still managed to buy a new computey gayme called Werld of Warcraft . . . she says we'll lyke it cos it has cats in it and she'll name da cats after us, but we fink she will just spend too much tyme playing it instead of paying attenshun to us!

Dat is all for now . . . Meowmie is tired cos she was up furry early to catch her plane (What wud she do wif it if she caught it? It's too big to bring home and you can't eat dem lyke da birds wot Muffin catches) and da flyte was furry furry bumpy - some people yakked up lyke I do sumtyme, and Meowmie says dat da only reason she didn't yak up was dat she hadn' had breakfast, and when da playne landed safely efurryone applauded da pilot wot flies it! She's nefur been on a plane where dey were so happy and impressed to be on da ground dat dey clappd da pilot. We don't fink dat flying sound lyke a lot of fun, altho Muffin wants to go to da airport to see da policeman wif his gun and see how sekewrity cud be improved if dere was a police poodin on duty.

(Meowmie's note: Police in New Zealand don't, as a matter of course, carry guns in their day to day duty. Out on the street they're still reletively unarmed, except for pepper spray and night sticks - they have tazers now, but the proper use of them is still being debated. In the current global climate I guess having armed police in the security areas of the airport only makes sense, but this is the first time I've *ever* seen an armed policeman - and I've travelled since 9/11 too - I travelled only a few months afterwards, and while there was a notable difference in security - like x ray machines on domestic flights - there were still no armed police. I travelled again a year or two after 9/11 and the visible security had decreased. You were still X rayed, but only if you went through certain airports . . . but now? I guess the increased terrorist alerts has ramped up security big time - armed police, more staff on the x-ray and metal detectors and they are VIGILANT, your enty on to the plane is barcoded, scanned at the gate, and then your boarding pass rechecked once you're on the plane. It's all done very nicely, but it's still done. Muffin is very impressed that I've seen an armed police man and thinks I'm rather naive to be suprised by it).

Monday, 6 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday (Also Miserable Moggy Monday)

I'm afraid I have to report that Muffin, Minx and Ebbie are now residing resplendent in the cattery, and won't be back to play on the Blogosphere until Saturday. Despite thinkin they're suffering a fate worse than death, they're really fine, although it's amazing how fast three cats can vanish when the cat carriers appear.

Ebbie has been installed in the luxury single suite, and when I last saw her was yowling her head off and trembling, the poor thing - she shivers and sheds when she's nervous but I'm sure she'll be fine. To be honest she's got better accomodations at the cattery than she does here! Lots of cubbies to sleep in (I left her pillow in one), a carpet covered round cat appartment thing with two cubbies to choose from, her own scratching post, fresh food, water and big litter tray, and the whole run to herself! She still HISSED at the cat in the adjacent run before she started up her yowling. The cattery owner was just on her way up to turn the heaters on for her before I left because it's raining. I mean, sheesh, heaters!

Muffin and Minx are in the communal cattery - no many cats there at the moment, but the ones who are, some of them are BIG BRUISERS! Beautiful and friendly and cuddly though. I had to pick Muffin and Minxy out of the carrier, and as soon as I did this black bruiser hopped in! And then snarled when the lady got him out again! Anyway, we popped Muffin and Minx in a cubby which they were happy to go into together, and when I lef they were taking turns sticking their heads out to look around. I'm sure they'll be fine too - there's even a TV for them to watch! Some of the cats were snuggling inside where it was warmer, but a whole heap of them had chosen to be in the covered over outside area looking around even though it as raining. Oh, and the BIG FLOOFY ragdoll was still there. HE'S GORGEOUS! And I think what would be a proper Russian Blue - Minxy is gorgeous, but seeing a real blue certainly highlighted that the only thing she has in common with one is her coloring!

Anyway, they'll be fine - food instructions have been given etc etc. Only problem is I'm not sure *I'll* be fine. This is the first night I've spent without them since my mother died. ::sniffsniff::

See you all in five days (I'm hoping to get some pictures of really BIG CATS (tigers) to post).

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Without her collar on, Muffin is NAKED!



(P.S. No, she hasn't lost it - I took it off so I could give her a good scritching without it in the way. I'd take a photo but I have the batteries in the charger and not the camera)