Monday, 27 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday again!

Meowmie is still busy playing her stoopid computey gayme. Dis means dat we poodins don't get NEAR da computey dese days. I ask her why she play so much - she say she find it relaxing. I tell her, Silly Bean, she has three poodins, how much more relaxing does she need!! She say we is not furry relaxing poodins between hissings and fightings and yakkings and wantings in and outs and pillings . . . I tell her dat she shud complayn - da pillings aint exaccly relaxing fur me efur . . . dat remind her dat last nyte I foamed at da mouf when she tried to gif me my pills and den I spat it out somewhere she cudn't find so she gaf up. Dat mayke her say dat wot she find relaxing abowt da gayme is killing fings.

I'm sure she not mean dere is poodins in da gayme to kill. But I not tayke da risk and I is quiet after dat.

Minxy is sleeping on da couch by Meowmie's legs at da moment and she SNORING!! Meowmie fink dis is funny - I fink it undignified. POODINS DON'T SNORE! Or at least dey shudn't! Wot you fink? Any of you poodins snore?

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mischevious Muffin?

Meowmie finks dat Muffin is being a naughty little impy-puss on purrpose, just to worry her. See, while Muffin is a very nice affectionate and cuddly poodin, she doesn't tend to approwch you for cuddles - you go to her and she's quite pleased and happy to gif dem to you, but she doesn't offen come lukking for dem. While Meowmie finks it's sad dat Muffin doesn't, she figures it's cos Ebbie and I are sumtimes mean poodins who don't let Muffin near Meowmie and Muffin has learned it's easier to wait for Meowmie to come to her rafur dan try and get past Ebbie and me.

But in da last few days, Meowmie is worried cos Muffin's behaviour has changed - changed in a good way, but Meowmie still worries cos poodins don't change long standing behafviours for no reason, rite? But I fink maybe Muffin has! See, ofur da last few days Muffin has started crying up da hall way in da middle of da night for no reason - she not hungry, she not want da litter box, she not want out, she not want Meowmie to stand wif her while she eats or pees or poops - she just wants Meowmie to get up and keep her company. Dat not so bad, except Meowmie furry tired cos she got to get up to da baybee cat all da tyme. Meowmie just fink Muffin lonelee and want to make sure Meowmie still dere. Only also ofur da last few days, Muffin been going in to Meowmie's bedroom - dis odd cos, in three years, Muffin NEFUR go into Meowmie's bedroom - she did a little bit when she was a little baybee kitten poodin, but den I chased her owt (cos I was two weeks older and a bit bigger) and den Ebbie cayme along, and Muffin just not bofur trying to get in . . . but last few days Muffin been sneaking in and sniffing and exploring and lukking and den, last night, when I was in da lounge and Ebbie was owt, Muffin went into Meowmie's bedroom and demanded dat Meowmie hurry up and get into bed, and den Muffin curled up on da spare pillow by Meowmie's head and slept dere ALL NYTE! Muffin NEFUR done dat before! She usually sleep in da guest bedroom!

Meowmie wud haf thought dis was okay, except Muffin still woke up and cried efurry couple of hours, mayking Meowmie wayke up to say "It okay, Muffin, Meowmie still here" and giving her pets to mayke her feel sayfe again.

Meowmie not know what to mayke of it! Muffin more clingy now too - she nefur been lyke dis! It's not a bad change (except for da cry baybee poodin bit), but it is a BIG one . . . Meowmie wonder if maybe da last vet visit upset Muffin and scared her, cos Muffin came back wif a bruise on her neck where da blud was stolen, so maybe she wriggled at da wrong tyme and got scared? Or maybe she feeling sick now and want Meowmie close? Meowmie worried dat Muffin know sumfing Meowmie doesn't - like when our brofur, Bobby, wot came before us, died, he knew - he stood wif Meowmie on da porch lukking at Meowmie den out into da nyte lyke he was saying "Sorry, Mom, I don't want to leave you, but I can hear God calling me, and I just have to go, and I don't want you to see me leave . . . " and dat worry Meowmie dat Muffin myte know too.

I fink Meowmie being silly - Muffin furry healfy ofur all. Her kidneys a little bit damaged, but no worse dan da start of da year. Meowmie has her on da prescipshun kidney fud to keep dem healfy, and efun da naughty fud Muffin steals from us hasn't hurt, and yes, Muffin haf a bladder infection, but da antybyoticks clear dat up! Muffin eating well and drinking well, and nuffing wrong with wanting more Meowmie cuddles - I know Meowmie nefur gifs me enuff, speshully when she playing da stupid gayme and I go to cuddle her and she yell "Minxy, Minxy, get OFF the laptop, I'm busy killing things, go away, I can't see, OH FUK I DIED."

Meowmie uses bad words sumtimes.

Fank you for all da replies to da last post - mayde Meowmie feel better knowing she not doing anyfing to mayke Muffin sick, cos she luff Muffin furry much. She did gif Muffin's litter box a good scrub and put fresh litter pearls in - but typically, Muffin hasn't used it since cos she lykes outside better. I lyke da barftub, cos den I can try and try to cover it, den go wayke Meowmie up wif my cold, pee covered paws, so dat she can go fix da mess I mayde - Meowmie LUFFS it when I wake her up by putting Pee Paws on her mouf. TEEHEEHEE!

Headbutts and Purrs,

Minxy (the Monkey - Meowmie calling me dat now. Some how she get from Minx to Minxy to Mincey, to Minkey, to Monkey. Meowmie silly.)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Putting on our finking caps . . .

Hi every poodin and bean - Meowmie here! I've just been talking to Muffin's vet - Muffin is still fine and fit as a fiddle, but it turns out that the bladder infection she's got is a particularly difficult type of E. Coli - one that's only sensitive to a single (nasty tasting) antibiotic - and NOT the one she's on for her sniffles! It's good that the infection can be treated, of course, but what worries me is the fact that Muffin is getting these quite frequently, and I have no way of knowing when she's got them because she doesn't have any symptoms whatsoever - sometimes she drinks a little more, but sometimes that doesn't mean anything (last time I took her to the vet when she was drinking more she was fine, no infection).

So what I'm hoping is that all you poodins and beans, with all your vast cat experience, could put your thinking caps on and suggest ways that I can help prevent Muffin from getting these infections in the first place! I mean I only found out about this one by chance because she needed her kidney tests done . . . . and the idea that she's having recurring, chronic infections with hard to treat bacteria really freaks me out! Makes me wonder if it's because I don't keep the house clean enough or something. (First thing I'm doing when I get home is TRIPLE disinfecting the litter box and putting fresh litter pearls in it!). I will ask the vet if there's anything I can do/give her, of course - there might be some sort of supplement for good kidney/bladder health in kitties, maybe something I can add to her water fountain even . . . but yeah, thousands of poodin heads are better than one! Muffin is still very healthy now - but I'd really like her to stay that way for a very long time! She's only three! She's too young to have e.coli.

Thanks guys,

Meowmie (freaking out a bit)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

We is furry unimpuressed . . .

We is furry unimpressed with Meowmie at da moment - she sez she hasn't been able to let us blog cos she has been sick (she sez she haz da syde effects of da medycashuns) and cos she has been busy (yesterday she did da foto shoot wif a bean instead of a poodin) but WE KNOW dat da REAL reason she' hasn't let us blog is cos she is PLAYING DA NEW GAYME ALL DA TIME!!

She doesn't fool us!

She didn't efun let me come andblog abowt Muffin going to da vet on Fursday. Muffin is okay, she just needed to go and get her six munf blud tests for her sick kidneys, and she came back from da cat prisun wif da sneezes so Meowmie wanted dat chekked out too. Da blud tests not bak yet but Meowmie pretty shure dey be okay - Muffin has a nekkid patch on her neck and a bruise on her skin where da needle went in; Meowmie finks she mite haf wriggled! - and da vet put Muffin on antty by oticks for da sneezes just in case, cos Muffin's sick kidneys means it's better if she not get sick at all. Da sneezes are getting better now - not nearly as much or as often - altho Meowmie getting frustrated cos she trying to keep Muffin inside where it warm and cosy and gud for sneezes, but Muffin want outside all da tyme! (Muffin silly - I lyke it inside, specially when da heater on).

Meowmie ALSO didn't let us tell you dat we haf anofur new cousin - Meowmie's sisfur, da one dat got da Maine Coon kitten, Saxon, just got to adopt Saxon's full litter mate, Sherbert. Meowmie is furry jealous cos Sherbert's breeder let Meowmie's sisfur have her for free, cos Sherbert has a problem wif her chest and needed a gud home dat wud luff her and not mind maybe da extra vet bills, so da breeder thought dat Meowmie's sisfur wud tayke gud care of her and dat is was nice dat Sherbert got to be wif her full brofur . . . Meowmie says dat dey hissing at each ofur tho cos they been away from each ofur for ofur a munf!

Meowmie is furry tempted to put her name down for one of da new kittens dat da breeder's lady cats is haffing (she has two Queens dat are haffing kittens) but Meowmie knows dat she has to do what is best for us, her current poodins, and for da baybee kitten - and Meowmie knows dat Ebbie wud want to EAT da kitten, and dat Meowmie herself doesn't really haf enuff colored paypers to luk after anofur poodin, espheshully if Muffin needs her kidneys looked after more. But Meowmie says dat one day we WILL get a new Maine Coon brofur - I fink I wud lyke dat. As long as he knows who boss!

Dat all for now - I try and mayke Meowme tayke proper fotos of us poodins instead of silly fotos of da bean's university graduashun!

Lots of purrs and headbutts,


Saturday, 11 August 2007


We is bak! Home frum PRISUN. Okay, so it wasn't reeeally prisun, but we cudn't go outside at ALL. We was all gud gurl tho, and da cattery laydee gave us all glowing repurts, efun Ebbie - Meowmie wanted to know which Ebbie she'd been lukking after, cos it certainly wasn't hers! But Ebbie lykes it better on her own, so I guess she was all nyce and smoochy wifout da ofur poodins round. Muffin and I were gud too and got upgraded to our own luxury suite away frum da ofur poodins. Not cos we was bad or anyfing - we got on wif da ofur poodins fine and lyked dem all and was nyce to dem and dey was nyce to us, but because we all need our own fuds and Muffin needs her pills, da cattery laydee decided dat since she has extra space available she wud put us in a seperate big run so it was easier for her to feed us and mayke shure we got da rite fud and da ofur cats didn't eat da wrong fud. She lyked us bof a lot too, and Muffin is always a big sweetie poodin efun when she's somewhere strange. When Meowmie cayme to get us, we wudn't come out of our cat condos - we don't haf doze at home, so we didn't wat to leaf dem! She had to pull us out! Ebbie too!

But we home now and happy to be hear - we haf had stinky goodness and Meowmie cuddles and haf explored outside to mayke sure all da gud sniffs are still in da rite place.

Meowmie didn't haf such a gud holiday, efun tho there was a meezer dere for her to cuddle, cos her bestest frend miscarryed her little baby bean da nite Meowmie arrifed . . Meowmie keeps telling her she shud have kittens instead of babies! But dey was all furry sad, so just spent time togefur luffing on each ofur and didn't go out much.

Course, Meowmie still managed to buy a new computey gayme called Werld of Warcraft . . . she says we'll lyke it cos it has cats in it and she'll name da cats after us, but we fink she will just spend too much tyme playing it instead of paying attenshun to us!

Dat is all for now . . . Meowmie is tired cos she was up furry early to catch her plane (What wud she do wif it if she caught it? It's too big to bring home and you can't eat dem lyke da birds wot Muffin catches) and da flyte was furry furry bumpy - some people yakked up lyke I do sumtyme, and Meowmie says dat da only reason she didn't yak up was dat she hadn' had breakfast, and when da playne landed safely efurryone applauded da pilot wot flies it! She's nefur been on a plane where dey were so happy and impressed to be on da ground dat dey clappd da pilot. We don't fink dat flying sound lyke a lot of fun, altho Muffin wants to go to da airport to see da policeman wif his gun and see how sekewrity cud be improved if dere was a police poodin on duty.

(Meowmie's note: Police in New Zealand don't, as a matter of course, carry guns in their day to day duty. Out on the street they're still reletively unarmed, except for pepper spray and night sticks - they have tazers now, but the proper use of them is still being debated. In the current global climate I guess having armed police in the security areas of the airport only makes sense, but this is the first time I've *ever* seen an armed policeman - and I've travelled since 9/11 too - I travelled only a few months afterwards, and while there was a notable difference in security - like x ray machines on domestic flights - there were still no armed police. I travelled again a year or two after 9/11 and the visible security had decreased. You were still X rayed, but only if you went through certain airports . . . but now? I guess the increased terrorist alerts has ramped up security big time - armed police, more staff on the x-ray and metal detectors and they are VIGILANT, your enty on to the plane is barcoded, scanned at the gate, and then your boarding pass rechecked once you're on the plane. It's all done very nicely, but it's still done. Muffin is very impressed that I've seen an armed police man and thinks I'm rather naive to be suprised by it).

Monday, 6 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday (Also Miserable Moggy Monday)

I'm afraid I have to report that Muffin, Minx and Ebbie are now residing resplendent in the cattery, and won't be back to play on the Blogosphere until Saturday. Despite thinkin they're suffering a fate worse than death, they're really fine, although it's amazing how fast three cats can vanish when the cat carriers appear.

Ebbie has been installed in the luxury single suite, and when I last saw her was yowling her head off and trembling, the poor thing - she shivers and sheds when she's nervous but I'm sure she'll be fine. To be honest she's got better accomodations at the cattery than she does here! Lots of cubbies to sleep in (I left her pillow in one), a carpet covered round cat appartment thing with two cubbies to choose from, her own scratching post, fresh food, water and big litter tray, and the whole run to herself! She still HISSED at the cat in the adjacent run before she started up her yowling. The cattery owner was just on her way up to turn the heaters on for her before I left because it's raining. I mean, sheesh, heaters!

Muffin and Minx are in the communal cattery - no many cats there at the moment, but the ones who are, some of them are BIG BRUISERS! Beautiful and friendly and cuddly though. I had to pick Muffin and Minxy out of the carrier, and as soon as I did this black bruiser hopped in! And then snarled when the lady got him out again! Anyway, we popped Muffin and Minx in a cubby which they were happy to go into together, and when I lef they were taking turns sticking their heads out to look around. I'm sure they'll be fine too - there's even a TV for them to watch! Some of the cats were snuggling inside where it was warmer, but a whole heap of them had chosen to be in the covered over outside area looking around even though it as raining. Oh, and the BIG FLOOFY ragdoll was still there. HE'S GORGEOUS! And I think what would be a proper Russian Blue - Minxy is gorgeous, but seeing a real blue certainly highlighted that the only thing she has in common with one is her coloring!

Anyway, they'll be fine - food instructions have been given etc etc. Only problem is I'm not sure *I'll* be fine. This is the first night I've spent without them since my mother died. ::sniffsniff::

See you all in five days (I'm hoping to get some pictures of really BIG CATS (tigers) to post).

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Without her collar on, Muffin is NAKED!



(P.S. No, she hasn't lost it - I took it off so I could give her a good scritching without it in the way. I'd take a photo but I have the batteries in the charger and not the camera)

Friday, 3 August 2007

Friendly Friday?

Meowmie has come to play on da Blogger tonite to escaype da arguments over on Livejournal. Of course, Meowmie has just posted a comment dat prolly won't make da argument go away . . . so she hiding here!

She says dat in da friendly spirit of da cat blogosphere where she doesn't haf to worry abowt argewments, she is posting a photo of Friendly Friday (Don't tell her, but I was really trying to sit on Minxy's head and snuffocayte her).

Mind yoo, Ebbie wasn't being too frendly before - she was growling SO LOUD dat Meowmie had to go see what was wrong. Corse, wot was wrong was Minxy had her trapped in da kitchen and wudn't let her owt into da lounge. So I don't fink Minxy was being furry friendly efur. So . . . dat's confusing. I is sitting on Minxy's head, Minxy is trapping Ebbie, Ebbie is growling, Meowmie is mayking snarky comments ofur on Livejournal - just who is being frendly here??



Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday Thirteen, by Muffin

Thirteen Things I will do when I am a POLICE POODIN, By Muffin

1. Catch da master criminal, Minx, and put her in prisun! (Then keep her stinky goodness for myself).

2. Crack down on da drug dealers! No more dealing Nip to impreshionuble yung kittens!

3. Disposed of da Nip I confyskate appropriately - after testing it for . . . er . . . strengf and tockisity of corse.

4. Round up da sex offenders * and haf DEM neutered (*by sex offenders I means da beans who aren't responsybul enuff to get dere poodins dere 'fixed efun tho we aint broked' operayshuns. I wonder if Daisy dus dat sort of operayshun?).

5. Keep da tom cats in lyne!

6. Edjumacate da baybee poodins on dere road rulz - lyke DO NOT RUN OWT ON DA ROAD WHEN DA BIG MASHEENS ARE COMING! But first, I have to lern dese rules myself, cos Meowmie is always yelling at me for it (I only do it when she gets home and I run to meet her).

7. Put da nastee peepul who poisoned da poodin and woofie fud wif bad stuffs dis year IN JAIL FUREVER! And EVEH!!!

8. Patrol da wuds near where I lif and get rid of all da vishus possums. And maybee da vishus deers too if I find any (Might need Mao and Rocky's help for dat one).

9. Show da udder police dat da woofies aren't da only ones who can be useful crime fighters. Fur instants, I cud track down da really *small* criminals dat da police woofies can't follow cos dey are too big.

10. Arrest da evil Vets for poodin abuse! Is is *really* nessysarry to put da cold glass fing up our bottoms?

11. Crak down on da firearms - NO MORE SQUIRTY WATER PISTOL GUNS. Speshully not when I'm trying to steal Meowmie's dinner frum da bench. Don't da beans know dat violence doesn't solve anyfing?

12. Speaking of violence, I wud work on decreasing da furmily violence. Lyke when Ebbie tries to eat me . . or Minx. Dat's bad. Sisfurs shud be nyce to each ofur.

13. And da most important fing I would do if I was a Police Poodin? LET PEOPLE KNOW DAT CATS ARE NOT REALLY BURGLERS

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

Wordless Wednesday, by Muffin

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Toesday Tuesday

Muffin Toes:

Random Midnight Musings, by Meowmie

Muffin just made me get out of bed (no, really, she did - she sits up the hallway chittering until I get up and see what she wants), follow her to the kitchen and rearrange the biscuits in her bowl for her. See, when she eats they all get pushed to one side where it's not optimal for her to get at them . . . so I often have to go and push them to the other side where she can eat them more easily. She's finishing noshing now, so is back in the hallway chittering. I would imagine this time she wants out - but it's bedtime, not out time, so she's out of luck.

Now Ebbie . . my sweet, dear, cranky Ebbie . . . Ebbie has lived with me for about two years now, but has never ever forgotten my parent's house, where she grew up. See, my front door opens right to left, but my parent's front door opened left to right and for the first four or so years of her life Ebbie knew that to get out, you went to the left side of the door. And to this day, even though my door opens in the opposite direction, she still goes to the left first. Talk about ingrained habit.

Tonight when I was knitting Muffin and Minx had an OMG MUST CLING TO MEOWMIE attack. I had Muffin on my knee nestled under my knitting needles (and ocassionally getting one poked in her ear . . . or eye . . .or nose) with one of her front paws stretched out as far as it would go with her claws very possessively hooked into my top (and through that, my bra . . . I was just glad she didn't dig any deeper). Minx was most put out by this - my knee, while I'm knitting, is usually her spot . . . so she settled for sitting on top of my laptop on the coffee table (which is pulled up snug against the couch) and *staring* at me intensely.

Muffin is still chittering - maybe if I turn off the lights, she'll go to sleep.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday (Also Miserable Moggy Monday)

Today Meowmie was FURRY MEAN!! Dis is wot it lukked lyke in da OUT today:

As you can playnely see, it is furry WET and not at ALL suityble for poodins of any sort. But Meowmie is MEAN and she doesn't trust Muffin not to pee in da house (Muffin: I DO NOT PEE IN DA HOUSE! I IS MARKING MY TERRYTORRY!) so we had to go INTO the OUT efun tho it was WET ALL DAY!

Da only gud fing is dat Meowmie felt so guilty dat we had been in da wet all day, espeshully when she herd abowt da fludding on da news, dat dis is wot we lukked lyke when she got home:

Efun Muffin got sum stinky gudness efun tho her kidneys aren't suppossed to haf it.
Of corse, wot Meowmie DIDN'T notyce is efun tho we had been owt in da rayn all day we was all still DRY! Cos we is not silly poodins and we found dry places to wayt - no water in owr furrs! AND, becos it's far to wet to be digging in da dirt to go to da pooh box, we saffed it all fur when we got inside and used the pooh box inside. Meowmie didn't lyke dat cos I stunk, and cos she really only keeps one litte box inside wif only a bit of litter in it for Muffin emergencies during da nyte - it's not up to da heffy duty use we gafe it today, and now Meowmie finks maybe she shud go owt in da rayn and get more litter. Hehehehe.
Dis is is wot we luk lyke now, and wot we will luk lyke for da rest of da efuning cos we are NOT going into dat OUT again!

Meowmie also wants me to say dat we haf been overwhelmed and so furry happy by all da comments on our Fursday Firteen post - effury bean and poodin has been so caring and luffing dat we all had water coming frum our eyes (and dat's all we need wif all da water coming from da sky). Meowmie will try and get around effuryone's journal to say fank you, but she has to get more wet eye cloffs first.

We want to asshure effury poodin and bean dat we is gud poodins when Meowmie is sad and we luk after her furry well. In fact, she says we are life savers, cos when she is at her werstest sadness she says dat we is da only fing dat keeps her alive and getting up in da morning, cos da thought dat we wud be left alone is a worser thought dan her sadness. Sumtimes she has had to go and stay in da hospytal ofurnyte and sumtymes dey want to keep her longer, but she won't let dem cos she has to come home and luk after us so she tells dem her baybees need her and dat we will luk after her and mayke her feel better . . . and we do! On Saturday nyte when she was sad, she tickled Muffin's pawsies lot and Muffin efun let her rub da belly and dat mayde her furry happy again! So you see, we is life saving poodins, and wif us around, Meowmie will always be okay!
Luff and purrs,

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sad Saturday and Sunday

Meowmie is furry sad tonite. She finks noboddy luffs her. But we luffs her . .. . we luffs her furry much.

Espeshully when she gifs us stinky gudness.

Luff Minxy and Muffin

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday Thirteen, by Minx and Muffin

Thirteen Things dat you didn't know about our Meowmie

1. Our Meowmie is furry shy, so will be furry cross wif us for doing this - no treats for us tonight!

2. Our Meowmie has two degrees from uni-ma-versity . . . . one in Pharmacy and one in English and History, but she doesn't use efur of dem.

3. To earn colored papers to pay for our fuds, she werks at da hospytal for beans doing da typing and stuffs.

4. Wot she'd really lyk to be doing is tayking da photos of fings - she sure taykes a lot of photos of us! Not all of dem gud ones!

5. Sshh, but Meowmie says she has da syk brain - dat it doesn't werk rite and maykes her sad all da tyme, but dat she's getting better after lots of pills and talking, and dat it's impurrtant dat people know dis about her so dat if dey haf da syk brains too dey mite get help. Purrsonally we don't see what she's got to be sad about cos she's got da three best poodins in da werld!

6. Meowmie's favurite fud at da moment is da filled, iced, glazed donuts from da new bakery shop. She's trying furry hard not to eat too many so her belly doesn't get as saggy as Muffin's (Ebbie sez: Too late!)

7. Meowmie's grandad is furry furry old - 90 human years, if he were a poodin he wud be . . . well, at da bridge probably!

8. If Meowmie were a poodin she wud only be four years old, whych maykes Ebbie older dan her, so we fink Ebbie shud be in charge from now on.

9. Meowmie lykes to tease people, espeshually her werkmates, but sumtimes people (espheshully da doctors) don't appreciate her sense of humor. Which only maykes her tease dem more. Lyke wen she teases day baby bean doctor about eating a meat pie whych is bad fur him.

10. Meowmie lyks to knit . . . and knit . . . and knit . . . only she does it wif big long sticks and string instead of her claws. We lyke to help Meowmie knit. I (Minxy) am allowed to sit on her lap while she knits cos I am a good poodin and don't attack da wool and she runs it between my ears. Muffin is NOT allowed to help Meowmie knit cos she chews and biteys the wool until it breaks and dat maykes Meowmie cross!

11. Meowmie's fafurritest posession is her laptop computey. Efun if she hasn't paid for it yet.

12. Four tymes a week Meowme meets wif ofur beans to go for a walk to get sum exercise - we don't know why she does this wen all she has to do is run through da woods ofur da road and pounce fings.

13. Meowmie has four brofurs and sisfurs (two of each) and nine (we fink - she loses count) nephews and nieces . . plus two step nephews (we don't know why she wants to step on her nepwhews efur).

Hmmm, we not sure Meowmie is furry interesting! Next week we do da list about us again cos we is more fun!

A note from Ebbie

Ebbie sez: Thank you to the poodins who said I looked cute in my picture - but could you try not to tell Meowmie that? Because I want her to think I'm am grumpy and fierce and will put the bitey on her. That way I can get away with anything I want, including the bitey, because she feels sorry for me cos I've had "a hard life". I haven't, not really - she just feels guilty that first she moved out of home and left me behind with her Mum, then I had to move with her Mum and grandad to a new home, and afterall that when her Mum and grandad went into a rest home and I had to come and move here with her and Muffin and Minx, and then Ivory, my big sisfur ran away and went to the bridge. Really, it hasn't been that bad - I've always had lots of food and love and warm places to sleep. I do miss Granny (Meowmie's Mum - that's her cardigan I'm sleeping under, it was my favorite and I used to fight her for it and try and get in it when she was wearing it, only Meowmie won't let me have it anymore since Granny died) cos she used to give me lots of cuddles, especially the special ones in the morning where I hopped on her lap and made her hold my back foot just *so* . . . and I miss Grandad cos he's real old and doesn't move much and I could sleep on his lap ALL DAY . . . and I miss Ivory cos she was good to pounce on . . but Minx and Muffin are pretty good to terrorise too. And I found new friends at Meowmie's house - I just invited myself in to visit the neighbours and now I spend all day with them and put the bitey on them if they do something I don't like and they let me get away with it too.

So yes - remember, I am a FIERCE LIONESS who will put the BITEY ON YOU! (Heheheh).

Minxy sez: Poppy, I wud lyk to come and lif wif you - we cud be two blue poodin's togefur and I fink our furs wud bof be furry soft and your Mommy wud lyk to cuddle us bof a lot and I bet she wudn't DROP WINDOWS on us!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Bad Meowmie Monday, by Minxy

Dear Cats on da Blogsphere,

Dis is Minxy here, asking dat if anyone has room for anofur poodin, dat dey let me know so dat I can move in wif dem. Cos Meowmie is a FURRY BAD Meowmie and DROPPED A WINDOW ON ME and it BROKED! ON ME!

I is a furry well behaved poodin, wif soft blue furs, and I don't eat much, altho I haf to haf the special tummy fud so I don't puke it up. I is litter box trained, altho sumtimes I go in da barftub cos I don't lyke sharing da box wif Muffin. I is used to going inside and outside, tho I don't fink I wud mind being an inside only poodin, speshully if it was cold or dere was ky-oat-ees or snaykes. I like to haf morning and bedtyme cuddles in bed wif you, and I talk a lot. Sumtimes I a little obsessive compulsive but Meowmie says dat is part of my charm. So if you haf a nyce home to offur me where I won't get WINDOWS DROPPED ON MY HEAD please let me know.

Lots of luff,


(Meowmie's note: I did NOT drop a window on Minxy . . . at least not on purpose. What happened was I've been having trouble getting the front door open and shut because the wood as swollen with all the rain we've had. I let Minx outside on Sunday, and she sat on the doorstep looking at the rain in disgust, while I tried to get the door shut. Unfortunately I was a bit exuberant with my kicking and the glass in the front door - which is so old (like thirty years) that it wasn't safety glas - couldn't take all the kicking and twisting and tension and it shatter, a largish bit falling on to the doorstep where Minx was I know she was sat there as it shattered, because I saw her hightail it out of there, but I don't think the glass actually hit her - I think she dashed off as soon as she heard the crack, and it landed after she'd moved. That's what I hope anyway. In any case I was very worried about her as at that point the door was well and truly jammed and I couldn't get out to find her - but once the landlord had unjammed it and I found my little blue brat cat I looked her all over and she's fine - not a scratch on her. Well, at least none that Ebbie didn't put there. The front door is fixed now with new safety glass and wood shaven off the edges so it opens and shuts, but I do feel like a bad cat mom . . . but I'm still not letting Minx go live anywhere else. Teehee.)

Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Adventures of Saxon the Mighty Coon Kitten!

Floofy Friday

Tonight Meowmie tuk her old laptop out to her sisfur's place so her sisfur cud use it. While she was dere, Meowmie got to play wif our cousin, Saxon, the Maine Coon kitten, and she tuk sum pickchurs too, so today we get to do FLOOFY FRIDAY! (When she got home, I sniffed her allll ofur, cos Saxon left some gud sniffs!) Meowmie also tuk sum video, but she has to werk owt how to edit it all togefur and mayke it nice and then how to post it to Youtube and linky it here and stuffs so she do that tomorrow. Maybe we haf "Saxon Saturday" altho Muffin wanted "Spotty Saturday" to show off da two whole spots on her nose!

But here are sum pickchurs of our gorgeous cousin - we fink he's going to grow up to be a furry handsome mancat.

We fink he luks furry funny in dis pickchur - lyk his face is all mutayted or sumfing!!

Dis is our furry old cousin, Spice - Spice is almost sixteen years old! I is only three, so sixteen is furry old indeed! She has no teef, and rickety hips, and Meowmie says she's a bit senile, but apart from dat is in gud nick. She's getting on pretty well wif Saxon and only hisses at him if he comes too near and tries to pounce her. If he is a gud kitten and is quiet she will let him sleep near her! Spice used to have a sisfur called Sugar - dey were rescued togefur walking down a furry busy motorway! Sugar had to go to da bridge a year or two ago and Spice lukked for her for days and days and days which is furry sad. I not sure I wud luk for Muffin for furry long . . . but I mite miss her a little bit. I wud definitely luk for Ebbie - just to mayke sure she wasn't coming bak to put da bitey on me!!
Luff Minxy

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thursday Thirteen, by Minx

Muffin isn't talking to Meowmie anymore cos Meowmie laffed at her. Muffin was running down the path to meet Meowmie when she gotted home frum werk, and Muffn's belly was hanging down and swinging side to side like a pendulum and Meowmie laffed and laffed and laffed at Muffin's saggy baggy belly. Poor Muffin! She not really dat fat - da rest of her is all muscly, not fat - just that bit of her where she had her big girl operation is all flabby. No wunder she doesn't lyk it touched! I don't haf a saggy belly lyk dat - I is lucky - and Ebbie doesn't really efur, although she has furry long furs dat grew bak after her big girl surgery. I don't want to haf a belly lyk dat efur, so I make dis list of fings I will do so I don't get a saggy baggy belly!

Thirteen Things dat I wil do to keep my belly svelte, by Minx

1. Not eat all da fuds, lyk Muffin, who goes to effurybody's bowl if she can . . . except if Meowmie is feeding us stinky gudness den I eat all I can.

2. Run around lots and lots so I stay fit - I especially run up and down da house lyk a maniac chasing Muffin, cos dat gifs da best werk out.

3. Rabbit kick da armchair, cos dat maykes me curl ofur into a 'crunch' and dat werks da abdominals.

4. Do my pilates stretching - espheshully da one at lets me lick my bum.

5. Get lots of belly rubs from Meowmie, cos dat massages my tummy and keeps da muscles nice and toned.

6. Do more big tall long stretches by scratching at fings lot - lyk da scratching post, and da front door when I want in or owt, and any door dat is closed, and da lytter box and stufs lyk dat.

7. Do air robicks in frunt of da telly . . . efun tho Mewomie says I'm not allowed to paw at da pickchur box screen.

8. Keep my self dry - cos fur stretches when it's wet . . . or is dat wool. (Uh oh, wait . . . Meowmie says that fings generally shrink when you wash dem den put dem in da clothes dryer. Do you fink I shud wash my furs and put it in da dryer so it shrinks and is nice and tight?).

9. Take my wurm tablets so I don't get little visitors in my tummy dat mayke it stretch.

10. Maybe I go to Dr. Daisy for plastic surgeries and haf a tummy tuck (Maybe I let her try it out on Muffin first - Muffin needs it more after all).

11. Meowmie says that rubbing vitamin E cream on ur belly skin can mayke it more elaystic . . . but why would you want cream ON ur belly rafur dan IN your belly, ad wudn't it mayke your furs all sticky?

12. Meowmie also says dat as well as haffing a tummy tuk wif Dr. Daisy, I cud haf liposuction too. I hope dat Daisy knows wot dat is cos I don't.

13. Lastly, I fink dat the easiest fing to do would be to just order a new suit of furs dat is one or two sizes smaller. Maybe I go for long furs dis tyme!

In reply to da comments on my Werdless Wednesday post:

Abby: I haf a tail, but Meowmie often threatens to rename me Manxy and chop my tail off when I am naughty. She also calls me Mincy sumtymes cos she says if I don't behave I will be mince meat. And sumtymes she just calls me her animated pair of furry slippers. Sumtymes I wunder if Meowmie actually lufs me!

Daisy and Muffinmidi: I glad you lyk da photo - I call dat luk "Green Steel" lyk da man on "Zoolander" had "Blue Steel". I fink maybe I wudn't do half bad as a super model, but Meowmie won't buy me da clothes for it!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Muffin is a rocking girl blogger and Tummy Tuesday

A furry long time ago, Poppy Q (Minx: Who is a furry beyootyful poodin, especially cos of her nice gray furs lyk myne), nominated me for a Rocking Girl Blogger award! I am furry furry honored by this, and furry cross wif Meowmie for deleting my paw print from her lappy computer so I couldn't log on to da blogosphere.

I is a Rocking Girl Blogger! Fanks, Poppy Q!

Of course, I can't accept an award wifout nominating ofur gurrl bloggers - I a bit layte, so dese girl poodins have prolly already been nominated, but I nominate dem again cos dey is so special!

So I nominate:

1. Daisy da Curly Cat cos she is my inspiration and taught me dat I can do anyfing I want including being a police poodin.

2. Pixie - cos she puts up with Daisy! No, just kidding - cos she deals wif a very difficult illness and still keeps her spirits up. And she eats nannas! Meowmie's friend's woofy eats nannas but I nefur herd of a cat eating nannas! TOO COOL!

3. Honey P. Sunshine cos we fink he name is furry lovely and so is her furs.

4. Lilly Lu, cos she is a furry brave poodin who came fru a furry difficult illness dat had me and Minx and Meowmie in TEARS - we read her journal EFFURRY day before we efun got her own, purraying and purraying dat she wud make it, and she did!

Da ofur fing I post about today is TUMMY TUESDAY! Yes, Meowmie tuk more tummy pickchurs. I just hope dese don't effect my chances to get into da police force and be a police poodin. Do you fink dey will mind dat I was a pin up gurrl?

Meowmie wants me to tell you dat she wasn't forcing me to show her tummy, but I not so sure! Isn't dat exploytashun??
Exploytashun or not, I try to put da bitey on her anyway - NOONE GETS TO SEE MY TUMMY!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

I fink I bak in Meowmie's gud buks . . .

I fink dat Meowmie isn't cross wif me anymore - at least she let me on da innerweb tonite, and she keeps saying dat I is too thin and dat she needs to gif me speshul fuds to build me up in da cold wevver. So she been sneakin' me kitten fud and den sum Ostrich minse (Ostrich is a BIG BURD dat not efun Muffin cud catch) to eat when da ofur cats aren't inside. I don't fink I is too thin - I is just not fat like Muffin (shhhh, don't tell Muffin I said dat) and I is furry slinky and slim. But I not going to complayn - Ostrich mince is YUMMY and kitten fud isn't bad efur!!

Today I do da Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen fings I did while I was in disgrace:

1. Pondered da errors of my ways (I cudn't find any - lukkin at da man cat didn't HURT anyone. If da man cats didn't want me lukking at dere hoohas dey shudn't put pikchurs of dere hoohas on da innerwebs).

2. Stole Ebbie's sleeping spot - all da tyme!

3. Slept on Meowmie's hip so she cudn't get good sleeps.

4. Clymbed into bed wif her and snuggled down so dat when she lukked at me under da covers she sayd I lukked like a litte gray alien. I nefur seen a gray alien but I sure I luk like a gray cat, not an alien.

5. Mayde her fink I was all skinny and starved.

6. Ate da yummy stinky gudness she bought me to try bild me up (Teehee).

7. Slept a lot cos my belly was furry furry full . . . mmmmmmm, full belly . . .

8. Pounced Muffin (but den I ALWAYS pounce Muffin).

9. Peed in da baff tub to protest not being allowed on the innernet.

10. Tried to sneak on da innernet when Meowmie wasn't lukking - it didn't werk.

11. Started refusing to eat my kibble unless it is put up on da kitchen chair away from Ebbie.

12. Turned Mum's fevver duster into da BEST CAT TOY EVVAR!

13. Sulked cos Muffin stole da BEST CAT TOY EVVAR off me - she carries it round in her mouf, efun tho it bigger dan she is!

I hope I bak for gud now - and I hope dat tomorrow I have sum good pickchurs for you. Meowmie tuk sum of Muffin's tummy but I don't fink she tuk any of me cos I was in disgrace.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Really, sum Meowmies are furry slack.

We haf been trying for AGES to get Meowmie to let us on da innarwebs so we can blog, but she's always TOO busy. So we have pinched her lappy while she's not lukking so we can at least do a short update. Minxy is still in disgrace - not fur lukking at kitty porn anymore, but for making it hard for Meowmie to sleep . . . . Minxy likes to sleep on Meowmie's hip. Ebbie likes to sleep curled up by Meowmie's knees - furstly, Meowmie says Minxy is too heaffy for her hips, efun tho Minxy is small, cos Meowmie has owie hips . . and secundly, if Minxy gets too close Ebbie growl and puts the bitey on whatefur she can reach - usually Meowmie's legs. Sumtimes, Meowmie doesn't get too much sleep.

But wot I really wanted to blog about was our new cousin! Meowmie's sisfur hasadopted a new baby - a peddygree Maine Coon kitten called "Shiningwater Barley Sugar" which is a furry fancee name, so Aunty Kara calls him "Saxon". He is furry kyoot and fluffy (not as kyoot as me tho, Meowmie says) and I wish he wud come and visit so we cud get to meet him! But I haf a picchur too so you can see him!

Isn't he kyoot? I fink he's kyoot! Meowmie wud luff anofur kitten, specially a fancee peddygree one (just to say she had one not cos she finks dey is better) - I fink me and Minxy wud be okay wif a new baby poodin in da house, once we got used to him/her . . . but Meowmie knows that Ebbie wud be furry UNHAPPY wif a new kitten and wud try to EAT it, and Meowmie doesn't want Ebbie to be anymore grumpy dan she already is. We don't mind dat either - more luff and pettins for us!
I try to post more offen from now on - dere is more tummy pictures wot Meowmie tuk and some toesie ones too. I efun try to sneak Minxy on here too - or at least try and get her bak in Meowmie's gud buks!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tummy Tuesday

I is NOT happy with Meowmie today - not only did she TAKE pikchurs of my TUMMY (NOONE sees my tummy) but dey not efun GUD pikchurs of my tummy (cos she had to take them backwards cos I was sitting above her hed and if she moves I move too teehee) and now she wants me to POST dem for tummy Tuesday. I not WANT to . . . but I say okay cos she say if I do she mite let Minxy bak on da Net for a while tomorrow. Minxy not allowed on da Net today cos Meowmie still cross wif her - Meowmie says dat wot mayde it wurser was dat Minxy wasn't just lukking at NICE unneutered tomcats (lyke da ones dat live wif beans so dey can mayke da nice fancee baybees wif da nice lady Queen poodins) but dey was WILD tomcats, wif ragged ears and smelly tayles dat fight all da tyme and . . ::tries not to swoon:: I KNOW - shocking isn't it? As a future police poodin I was furry shocked too, but Minxy is my sisfur so I luf her anyways.
And cos I luf her, efun if she is a Master Criminal and Kitty Porn pervert, I post day bad pikchurs of my tummy.

Meowmie cut off my hed and my fut in this one - but it shows the bestest glimpse of my tummy. Told you Meowmie cudn't use the flashy box (she says it's hard to tayke pikchurs ofur ur hed. I fink she just mayking excuses).

Dis one better - I hope it doesn't get any of da mancats out dere excyted - I is NOT that kind of gurlcat. I is a seryous professhunal career cat!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Muffin Monday!

Today I decided dat I shud haf da blog to myself and post pichurs for Muffin Monday! Meowmie was furry helpful last nite and tuk fotos of me playing wif my mousie. She bought herself a new little pichur box dat is easier for her to get out and use kwikly so dat she doesn't miss da gud shots. She has a big pichur box too, but by da tyme she got it out of da case and put it on the rite settings and mayde sure she has da rite lense on, I gotten bored and gone to tayke a nap. But last nite she got sum of me POUNCING . . . altho day not furry gud cos I is FURRY fast when I POUNCE and Meowmie not dat gud at tayking pichurs (efun tho she fink she is and has fancy cameras). If she had been furry clever she wud have tayken a movie of me - but she not used to haffing da abilitee to tayke movies cos her fancee camera doesn't. I remind her next tyme I POUNCE and den we can haf Movie Muffin Monday too!

Here I is, running inside!

Wot?? NO FUD!!

Dat better! Meowmie, you are getting furry sloppy in ur catly duties.

Now I haf da energy to POUNCE!


And now Mousie and I are furry tired so we haf a rest.

Also - maybe we not see Minx on da Blogosphere for a while cos Meowmie caught her downloading kitty porn - she wos lukking at pichurs of da (SSSSHHHH) tomcats. Da UNNEUTERED tomcats. Bad Minxy!! Meowmie is NOT happy! No wunder Minxy has a bad reputayshun! And not just cos she a Master Criminal!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Shhhhhh . . .

Don't tell Meowmie, but we is on her laptop computey while she's on the human poopy box. she will be cross if she finds us - she said that nothing was safe, dat da new lappy had cat fur on it four seconds after she unpackaged it! She is rite, dere was, cos I, Minxy, shed some furs special, and den I rubbed my cheeks on da corners so it had da gud smells on it . . . but I don't know why she so cross wif a bit of cat furs when just a minute ago she sneezed and put bean boogers all ofur da screen. Silly Meowmie!

Anyways, da impurrtant fing is dat WE BAK ON DA NET NOW - as long as Meowmie doesn't catch us. Teehee. She finks dat da fancee biometric finger print scanner will stop us from logging on to her lappy . . . but we scanned our paw prints when she wasn't lukking. She says this lappy is so fancee she not know wot half da stuff is for . . . we bet we can werk it all out though . . . maybee efun use da web cam to talk to our frens! YAY!

Uhoh - Meowmie coming, we go now.

Luv, Minx, Muffin and Ebbie.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Weee back! Fur a minut anyways!

Shh, don't tell Meowmie, but we's snucked onto da big ol' desktop computey while she not lukkin. We dun know why she doesn' like using it - she's says it's old an' cranky and temperamental, but so is Ebbie an we still keeps her around - but we fink it's fine to use, cos we not dat fast at typin' anyways.

We's snuck on to give you sum gud news tho - Meowmie's laptop, wot she says is much better to surf da net on, is able to be fixed afta all. She says dat it was da video card wot maykes da picturs on da screen dat broke, and she said rude words when she tole us that cos it's da THURD tyme dis year dat it's needed replaced - furst time it brok in March, and dey sent a new one, but DAT broke as soon as it got putted in, so dey sent a secund new one, and dat one only lasted TWO MUNFS!! Meowmie not please wif da Dell compy companee - speshully as da tyme it brok in March it tuk ofur a MUNF to get fixed cos of da Chynees New Year in Mahlaysha. Meowmie hopes dey is quicker at sending da new video card dis tyme so we can get bak to posting regularly.

Da ofur piece of excyting news is dat Meowmie is fed up wif da old laptop anyways, so she did go and buy a new one dat won't brayke down - but da new one cud take six weeks to get here which is why Meowmie wants the old one fixed quickly too. Meowmie say she not get a Dell dis tyme, she get a Toe-shee-baaa. But we don' care - we just want a lappy to get bak on da blogosphere! We tryed to tell Meowmie dat wen she get da new lappy, we cud haf da ol' one to ourselves, but she not fink dat a gud idea - she say she going to sell da old one to help pay for da new one. We fink she a spoil sport.

We haf been furry gud poodins during Meowmie's computey crisis tho - she mite not haf had a laptop computey, but she still have lots of fings on her lap! Lyk me, and Muffin (speshully Muffin - Muffin has been soopa smoochy) and Ebbie sumtymes too! An da ofur nyte Muffin hopped onto the armchair wif me and I put my paw around her shoulder to cuddle her and I likked her ears to clean dem cos dey wos dirty . . . Meowmie thought we was furry kyoot, but den Muffin decided she had enuff and put da bitey on me . . . okay, so maybee I wos holding her a little bit too hard . . and maybee da likks on her ears had sum teef nibbles as well as likking . . but Meowmie was upset cos she bited me afore Meowmie got da flashy box to tayke picturs.

Uhoh, we gotta go now . . Meowmie coming - she say da old computer too temperamental fur poodins to use and if it crashes (how can it crash? It got no legs or wheels, silly bean) den she be furry cross!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Minx would like it to be known that, despite being a Master Criminal, she did NOT steal all the boy cats' hoohaas, nor does she have them in a big pile somewhere - because, like EWWWW!

Meowmie would like it know that, despite having just started this bloggie, there will probably be a hiatus or a complete disappearance because her laptop bit the dust this morning and, as it's been repaired twice in the last year and is nearly four years old, it may now be irreparable and going to the big computer dump in the sky. In which case Meowmie is left with an ancient desktop that's even older than the laptop. Which sucks. And in case you're wondering, she is currently posting this from work - which is bad. Tut tut, misusing public funding for private gain (Meowmie works at a hospital and is posting via the hospital intranet).

Monday, 28 May 2007

Memory Monday, but first . . .

Meowmie is bidding on plates again, but she has a lot to say as well. Firstly, she says dat it doesn't matter dat my paw prints got wiped off da plates, cos she got fotographic evvydense. Um whoops! Secondly, she say dat she not sure dat she like all dese ideas dat Muffin and I getting from da Cat Blogosphere about being more dan just house moggies - she says dat I shouldn' wanta be a Master Criminal and dat poodins can't efun join da police so dat Muffin shud stop finking about it! And lastly she say dat efun if I was a Master Criminal and Muffin was a police cat, what we gonna do? Chase each other so Muffin can arrest me? I say yes, probably, cos we chase each other anyway so wot da difference? She go allll dramatic den and say to think of her, caught between her two babies, one on each side of da law . . . I fink she been watching too much bad TV! And possably buying too many plates. I also fink she just a spoil sport party pooper who is getting in da way of Muffin and I fulfilling our dreams - wot sort of Meowmie is dat??

Anyway, for Memory Monday we haf our favorite foto of Ebbie and Ivory, from when Ebbie was a TINY little kitten and hadn't decided dat she didn't like ofur cats yet . . . and Ivory was still furry laid back cos Ebbie wasn't constantly tryin' to put the bitey on her. We fink dis is furry funny and dat Ivory is furry tolerant and a furry gud big sisfur!

Pee Ess: Meowmie got a new fancy plate in da mail dis morning - dis one is efun bigger dan da ofur ones, so it shud fit LOTS of stinky goodness on it. But maybe not till tomorrow cos she just lost the fancy plates she was bidding on (efun though Muffin was helping) and dat has made her furry grumpy, so we be good poodins for now. Oh, oh, but don't tell Muffin and Ebbie - she did sneak me sum stinky gudness tonight wen day was outside. Only I got any cos I loves it most - dey didn't get any at all. I spoiled efun if I is a Master Criminal. And dey say crime doesn't pay!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

My first Meme!

I is furry excited! Daisy the Curly Cat tagged me for my furry first meme. Da rules of da meme are dis: Kitty Confessions Meme - list as many things as you want, in whatever manner you want, and tag as many kitties as you want. Have fun, everybody! (I hope I do dis rite!)

1. I don' like da wind in my ears and flatten dem to my hed when I go outside on windy days - Meowmie says she can tell what the weather is like by looking at my ears. If dey are both up wen I go out, it is a nice day, one ear down and Meowmie shud take a jacket, two ears down and we shud all go back to bed (I fink we should all go back to bed anyway).

2. My favorite sleeping spot is wherever Ebbie prefers to sleep at da time - if she lyk to sleep in da kitty bed I pinch it off her until she find annuver spot - den I pinch dat spot and make her move again.

3. My favurite fud at da moment is Muffin's prescription fud which Mummy says I not allowed to have cos although it gud for Muffin's kidneys, it not quite have efurryfing a healfy cat needs. But if it da only fud on da floor I gonna eat it. I eat Ebbie's fud if it down too. I only eat my own fud if I absolutely haf to.

4. My favurite fud of all tyme is stinky gudness. Any kind of stinky gudness - if it wet fud den I eat it, and I eat it all, den I eat Ebbie's, den I eat Muffin's, den I fall on da ground lukking lyke a little barrel wiv four legs, ears and a tail, den I waddle bak and see if dere is any more . . . Meowmie says she nevver seen such a skinny cat luk so fat!

5. I an obsessive compulsive kitty - if I start sumfing I haf to finish it - or Meowmie has to. Unfurtunately, Meowmie says I not too brite, so it not a gud combination - lyk if I poop in da litter box, I try to cover it up, only I hop out of day box and try to scratch da floor over it instead of da litter. (Sumtimes I try to scratch da wall onto it too). Den Meowmie has to get up and flush it down da human poopy box for me, cos otherwise I scratch ALL NITE!

6. Lots of people fink I am elegant and mysterious lukking. Meowmie say dat it just hiding dat my hed is completely empty.

7. I fink Meowmie is being furry mean.

8. Lots of people fink I look like a pedigree Russian Blue - Meowmie's upstairs neighbours from a while ago efun said dey wud pay a thousand dollars fur me cos dats wot cats lyk me cost in Korea. Meowmie wudn't sell me though.

9. I lyk to YOWL. And YOWL AND YOWL AND YOWL! Meowmie say I may not be a Russian Blue but surely I got sum Meezer in me. I fink dat a compliment, don' you? Meezers are furry nice!

10. I lyk my belly rubbed - but I pretend not to cos it so undignified.

Phew, dat was hard work! Now I tag Miles and Sammy if dey not already been tagged, and I tag Poppy Q too cos she a NZ blue colored cat as well.

Slavery Sunday

Meowmie try to tell us today that she not our slave - I say "Yes Meowmie, dat why da first fing you did after dinner tonight was scrub and disinfect our litter box - yet we don't clean your poopy box! And dat why you clean and refill da fountain, too . . . and why you always jumping up and down to let us in and out or put our fud bowls down . . . and why we sleep on you insted of you sleeping on us . . . not our slave at all, Meowmie!"

Beans - sumtimes you gotta humour dem.

Headbutts and purrs,


P.S. I got away wif yesterday's plater caper scott free - da police not efen chase me! I not have to go on da lam like Mao at all! I kinda disappointed - going on da lam sound lyk fun.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday Mystery Theatre Presents - The Fabulous Fuzzy Felines in "The Fancy French Plate Fiasco".

The Master Criminal wends her way home, preparing to put her dastardly plan into action!

The scene of the crime - part of Meowmie's collection of fancy french plates! Aren't they so pretty? So sweet? So innocent? So UNSUSPECTING!!!

Oh NO! Who could this be? Surely it's not our Master Criminal in action?

Something seems to be missing - I wonder what it is? Can you see?

Oh the agony! Our Master Criminal, having swiped Meowmie's two latest aquisitions, is preparing to desecrate their beauty by eating Science Diet KIBBLE upon them! Does she hold nothing sacred?

Our Master Criminal inspects the dinner preparations - everything must be JUST SO before she sits down to a good nosh. AND - to compound her crimes - SHE'S ON THE BENCH! Cats AREN'T ALLOWED ON THE BENCH! Oh, will poor Meowmie survive this violation?

Our Master Criminal settles down to enjoy the benefits of her ill gotten gains - and adding injury to insult, in the background is the water fountain that Meowmie bought her and Muffin only the week before!

Not content to enjoy her ill-gotten gains on her own, our Master Criminal lures a young, unsuspecting associate into a life of crime.

Horrified, Meowmie comes upon the scene and quickly retrieves her beloved plates - then has to go and have a very long nap, and a bar of chocolate, to recover from the trauma.

(Please note: No fancy french plates were hurt in the making of this photo story, although they were quickly wiped down at the end. No cats were hurt either, although when Meowmie saw them eating off her plates, it was a lucky escape. The Master Criminal of this piece, Minxy, would like to point out that she *would* have eaten stinky goodness off the plates, but she doesn't have thumbs and didn't think Meowmie would open the tins for her (she was right). The makers of this photo story do NOT condone the placement of cats on the bench under any circumstances. Also, the actors in this story are professional stunt cats - do not try this at home).

And, as a bonus picture, Muffin trying to catch the dratted red bug - can you see it? (Hint: It's in the upper left corner - biggify to see better).

Friday, 25 May 2007

Flummoxed Friday

We's don't know what to rite about tonite . . . we don't have no fluffy poodins 'round here, so we can't do 'Floofy Friday' . . . we don't have no kyoot clothes to wear (and Muffin and I fink we wud prolly freak out if Meowmie tried to put them on us, and Ebbie wud just go ballastic and eat effuryfing like Godzilla) although we were admiring Lilly Lu's furry kyoot mussel shirt earlier on, so we can't do Fashion Friday. We cud do 'Fem Cat Friday' like da nice ladee on da Cat's Protection League Catablog, but she doing it to highlight homeless poodin' who need to be adopted, and 'sides, we all Fem Cats arouwnd here, so it FemCat Friday EFFURYDAY!

Meowmie says I can't really post anyfing too long anyway, cos she on Trademe (NZ version of eBay) trying to win some plates . . . I keep telling her we got lots of plates in da cupboard and dat dey would be better on da floor wif stinky goodness on dem, but she say dese are *special* plates wif fancy pichurs on dem . . . I tell her we got lots of dem in da lounge and dat DEY wud be better on da floor wif stinky goodness on dem too - she jus' look horryfied when I say dat! HEHEHEE.

She say da plates are called 'limoges ware' which I fink is French for 'fancy plates what fancy french poodins get to eat off' (shey say I get da fancy plates bit rite) and dat dey furry expensive - far too expensive to let poodins eat off. I point out to her dat da water fountain she bought for Muffin (and Ebbie and me too, but mostly to help Muffin's kidneys better) usually cost more dan wot she paying for da fancy plates . . . dat made her luk confuzzled, until she remember dat she got da fountain on Trademe slightly second hand (she say da ladee bought it for her poodin and he only used it a few days afore he went to the Bridge - furry sad, and da ladee who sold it was furry furry happy wen Meowmie emailed her to say fank you and tell her da fountain was to help anofur sick poodin stay healfier for longer) for half of wot it usually cost - I tell her dat dat is still more dan she pay for some of da plates, but she so satisfied wif her answer that she fink she win da argument - Beans are funny, don't dey know da poodin always win?

Anyway, I better go now so Meowmie can bid on her fancy plates . . . I hope she doesn' win so she can spend da money on stinky goodness . . . but if she does win I take photos of Muffin and me eating off dem when Meowmie not looking. Hehehehee.

Headbutts and purrs,


Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Thursday Thirteen, and Meowmie Speaks.

So I decided to hijack the blog tonight, since Ebbie and Muffin are outside, and Minx is asleep in an effort to hide from the red bug that keeps following her. No doubt if she were awake, she'd chide me for my appalling english, so lets not tell her I wrote a post, okay? As you might have surmised, I'm Muffin, Minx and Ebbie's Meowmie - and usually I go by the handle 'Meri'. I thought I'd hijack the blog so I could rant a bit about finding a cattery for my girls to stay at while I go away, because I figured you'd all understand how very nerve racking it can be to find just the *right* place for your babies.

The thing is, I don't have much experience with catteries, because I don't actually go away all that much . . . and up until my mother died, if I went away, I'd just leave them with her, and, since she doted on them as much as I do, she looked after them even *better* than I do - talk about spoiled! Just ask anyone about Ivory's 'milk dance' at the fridge - worked everytime.

I did use one cattery a few times, and in nearly all aspects I was really really pleased with it - for one thing, the owner went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to taking my cats in. See, I started taking some, or all, of my cats to her when my mother was going through the long process of dying, and taking her sweet time about it. I often had to stay with my grandfather to care for him, or I was just out of the house so long each day that the cats were being totally neglected . . . and often went unfed from the time I left the house in the morning, till whatever time I rolled in at night. So I had an arrangement with the cattery lady - whenever I needed to I could just pack up my cats and bowl on out, as long as it was a decent hour, and drop them off - no phone call, no booking, no questions asked, no matter what time of year - and she'd look after them for me. She truly was a treasure, and a certified cat lover to boot - didn't matter how many cats she had in, she could tell you, in quite considerable detail, what your cats had been up to on each day of their stay . . . where they'd spent most of their time, which cats they'd associated with and which they'd scrapped with . . . where they slept, how much that ate, peed and pooped.

But, as you can probably tell from that last line - she ran a communal cattery, where most of the cats stayed in one large communal area.

Well, this time I thought I'd rather have the cats stay in a cattery where all the different cats were seperated. I wanted this for two reasons - one, the last time Ebbie stayed in the communal cattery she wasn't happy and spent a lot of time outside, totally pissed off that she couldn't dominate the rest of the cats. She's older now, and crabbier, so I didn't want to add that stress on top of the stress of being in the cattery in the first place. Minx and Muffin I wanted to house together, but thought it would be easier to cope with Muffin's food and medication needs if they were in a separate run too. So I decided to try a new cattery I'd heard good things about that advertised seperate runs and 'electric blankets in each run'.

Well . . . yes . . . it needed the electric blankets cos I'm not sure the building was heated otherwise.

Now, to be fair - the building was new and very very clean. The cats were also clean and well fed and none of them looked overly distressed. No major yowling constantly or anything. Each cat was seperated from the others and everything was . . . . adequate. But darn it, I don't want adequate - I want comfortable at the very least. See, each seperate run was this small cubicle. Think toilet cubicle cut in half with the toilet take out - it was small but tall and narrow, with a small toilet sized window high up on the wall that the cats couldn't even get to to see out. Each cubicle was barren - there was a food dish, a bucket of water, a litter box and a cardboard box(????WTF???) with blankets in for the cats to sleep in. A few toys rounded out the space. What bugged me most was that there was very little floor space, but no attempts had been made to maximise the vertical space by putting in places to climb and sleep - no shelves or ladders or anything. If there had been three dimensional use of the space, it would have been a much more appropriate space to leave cat. But no - they were basicall limited to this . . . well, I'd guess three by three foot floor space a the most. The owner . . . well, there wasn't anything wrong with her either - she seemed conscientious and competent, was obviously cleaning when I got there, had one of the cats out for it's play time (although it was determined not to go back in) and was careful to stress that she got each cat out twice a day for a play and a cuddle. Then she spoiled it by saying that in the evenings she doesn't like to be in the cattery any longer than an hour. And I'm really just like . . . well, I'd like someone that was in and out of the cattery all day, especially since the cattery was a distance from her house . . . and I'd also like someone who likes cats enough that she doesn't see caring for them as something she needs to get done quickly so she can move on to other things. Oh, and she fed cheap food ::sniffs snobbily::

Maybe I'm too fussy . . . maybe these things wouldn't bug other people . . . but . . . well, put it this way, it was no Wag Hotel! And the clincher for me was the fact that as I drove away I just *knew* that there was NO WAY in HELL I was leaving my babies there. I had a horrible burning pain in the pit of my stomach so, since my original cattery was near by, I just turned the car around and, all unannouced headed there.

And I'm glad I did. I haven't seen this lady for about two years - before my mother died anyway, and not only did she recognise and remember me, the first thing she asked was how my mother was! And it was no problem I'd turned up unannounced. Yes, she still has a communal cattery at the moment, and no, it's not brand new and it shows signs of hard kitty usage - but it's scrupulously clean, the cats are all happy and active and playing with each other and eating and peeing and pooping fine. They all run towards you when you go near the enclosure . . . . they have the space to do cat things! And she was only too happy to adapt the communal situation to suit my cats. So Ebbie will be on her own still, in the 'upper cattery' which is a bit older again, but is kept well maintained for cats just like Ebbie with special needs. Minx and Muffin will go into the communal cattery, but will be seperated into a large sleeping cage each at meal times so they can have their own food - they'll stay there for about half an hour then be returned to the main cattery again (once Muffin has had her medication of course). I know this lady, and I trust her to care for my cats . . . it's still not the Wag Hotel, but it is a comfortable, homely cattery, with potplants hung way up high, and a TV in the inside portion, and the outside portion has real tree trunks and branches as well as ramps to play on, and the cats can see the goings on outside, and hear birds, and even watch some construction going on if they're brave enough. And the cattery is close to the lady's house - and I know she's in and out all day.

And that's the other thing - everywhere there is signs of the improvements she's making, and if a cattery can afford to make improvements, you know they must be doing something right! Since I've been there they've built another cattery for the long stay cats - I think it only takes a few cats at a time and has another, seperate outdoor area and everything, and I think more ability to seperate the cats from each other, and is more stable in population so the long stay cats aren't constantly having to deal with new arrivals. She's also having her 'luxury cattery' built which *will* have seperate single and double suites for cats and cat families, but I'm a bit early and it's not finished yet. The thing is that this lady gets what cats needs - her single suit cattery is going to have huge bay windows in it so that the cats can climb into the windows and look out and sun themselves, not stupid little toilet sized windows that the cats can't get to - she knows what cats like to do! So yeah, I booked my babies in there and my anxiety and the nasty burning pain in the pit of my belly went away as soon as I saw this lady. AND I got to say hello to a gorgeous rag doll boy poodin!

So, now I'll give you the Thursday Thirteen - with some input from my poodins even though it's a serious list rather than a funny one! Thanks for listening to me rant and ramble and vent!

The Thursday Thirteen - by Muffin, Minx (and Meowmie) - Thirteen things to look for when inspecting a cattery:

(Disclaimer: I just made these up, although some of them cover points that I've read in various places on how to find a cattery - these are just things I want for my poodins and that I looked for today and will look for even more carefully in the future. I'm not trying to tell anybody what to do, nor am I trying to be some kind of expert . . . it's just that after today I feel quite strongly about the whole thing . . . and, well, maybe I should have left this particular list until next week when I wasn't quite so touchy about it!)

1. The cattery, no matter how old, and not matter whether it's communal or seperate runs, should be scrupulously and spotlessly CLEAN - no pee smell, no poo smell, no old food smell. The smell of clean fluffy cats, cat spit, and the faint tang of a good pet friendly disinfectant is acceptable.

2. The cats should appear happy, alert, and active (with reasonable allowances for temperament and stress caused by changes in environment). Long haired cats should appear well groomed and short haired cats their usual dapper selves. Needless to say, the cats also should be clean, and willing to groom themselves in the usual manner.

3. The owner of the cattery, be it food lady or food dude, should be interested in you and your poodins as individuals - even though your cat can't use your credit card, the cat is the client, and should be treated as such.

4. The owner of the cattery should be willing to accomodate reasonable requests that fulfil any special needs your cat might have, without charging excessively for these extras - feeding special food, administering simple medications like tablets, or housing your cat seperately if the cattery is otherwise communal but your cat is unsuited to this, should not be too much to at least ask.

5. The owner should love your cats as much as you do, and enjoy caring for them, rather than seeing it as a necessary evil that is to be gotten out of the way as soon as possible - there are many easier ways to make money, so why run a cattery unless you actually enjoy your work?

6. The cattery accomodations should be of such a standard that you, yourself, in a pinch, would be prepared to curl up in one of the kitty beds and sleep there (although I won't expect you to eat the kibble or use the litter box).

7. The cattery should not appear to be overly stuffed with poodins - one cat per run, or two to three per double/family suite if the cattery has single accomodations, or . . . well, the communal runs are harder to judge, but there shouldn't be so many cats that each cat doesn't have room to get away from the others and have some alone time - if there's a lot of hissing, snarling and spitting going on, above and beyond what is normal for strange cats of different temperments that have been thrust together, then there might just be too many cats for the area.

8. The cattery owner should have no objection to you inspecting any part of the cattery (excepting their private living areas of course) - areas where you cat will be kept, food preparation areas, cleaning supply areas (if safe, of course) should all be open to your view - in fact, I'd be suspicious of a cattery that didn't want to show you their cleaning supplies . . . might mean they don't have any!

9. There should be, even in a communal cattery, cubby holes or 'boxes' where your poodin can go to be by itself, especially when it first arrives and is getting used to it's new environment. Even in a seperate run, there should be somewhere Puss can hide safely away from prying eyes. Beds, boxes and cubbies etc should be made of a sturdy, not porous, easily cleanable material, such as plastic or painted (with pet safe paint) wood - NOT FRICKIN' CARDBOARD BOXES!!

10. Surfaces and furniture should be easily cleanable and bedding like blankets and towels washed frequently. I'm of the opinion that catteries should make an attempt to be as home like as practical and to me that means providing some sort of furniture that resembles what would be in the home, but is easy to clean - so plastic chairs, maybe, with washable cushions, and vinyl or leather couches that can be wiped down. When inspecting these things, do remember that cats have claws and claws scratch things, so cattery furniture may appear shabby and well worn, but that doesn't mean it's dirty or unhygenic - just think of what your cats favorite scratching pole at home looks like!

11. All catteries should have a mandatory requirement that your cats vaccinations be up to date - this will protect both your cat and the other cats who are being housed in the cattery.

12. Word of mouth is a good way to find a reputable, quality cattery - but still check it out for yourself, as your friends and family may not have the same exacting standards you do - and what is suitable for their fat old Felix, may not suit slim, svelte Sylvester.

13. Lastly, even if the cattery appears fine - trust your gut, which is what I did this afternoon. If your gut starts to ache or burn, or the thought of leaving your darling poodin there makes your heart ache with anxiety, then get the hell out of there, and find a cattery that makes you one hundred percent comfortable!!

Minx: Meowmie has hogged the bloggie ALL NITE! And she didn't efun rite the most impurrtant things on her list - da cattery should have LOTS OF TOYS, LOTS OF NIP, LOTS OF TREATIES, and da food lady or food dude should give LOTS OF CUDDLES AND SCRITCHES AND PETS (and belly rubs to dem dat wants them). But . . . well . . . I guess dat today I actually am fankful dat Meowmie was so cautious and concerned about where she left me and my sisfurs when she goes away - she not efun going away for furry long, only five sleeps, but she wanted so bad to make sure we all alright, and she didn' want to leaf us at home alone efun tho' Aunty Karen wud cum in and feed and cuddle us each day. So I fankful dat Meowmie is being a gud Meowmie to us again. Efun if I not sure I like going away from home to da strange place. But I sure I be fine and haf fun. Maybe.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Widdershins Wednesday? And wot I is fankful for today.

Tonite I fink Meowmie is furry mean! She gotted out da little stubby stick where da little red round blobby creature lifs and let it out to run around da carpet but she nefur let me catch it! I ranned and I ranned and I ranned, round and round in circles efun, which is furry undignified, don't you fink, and den she let it get away unner da armchair! Now I is furry tired! I fink it is furry mean of her to let da little red creature tease me! Doesn' she know I am a furry mitey hunter and dat I can catch birdies and meeces and dat round blobby creatures are beneaf me! (Alldough now it beneaf da armchair and no matter how hard I luk for it, it won' cum owt). She MEAN!

Oh, yeah - Minxy say I haf to do anofur 'wot I fankful for' fing . . . so today I fankful dat Meowmie has putted da short stubby stick away!

Uh oh - Minxy growling at me - she say I doing it wrong! Wot wud she know - she too silly to cat da blobby red creature anyways - and she furry pushy! But okay . . . today I is fankful for my nice ladee vet, Carolyn. Usually when Meowmie takes us to da vet, we all jus' see whoefur is werking dat day - which is okay cos dey is all furry nice ladees. But when my kidneys gotted sick, da vet I saw was Carolyn, and efur since den, effury tym I go, da nurse ladee makes sure I gets to see Carolyn cos Carolyn knows all abowt my problems and my life and is concerned about me and interested in how I'm doing. She always make sure to ask how I am when Meowmie goes to pick up my fud and medication, and she always rings Meowmie wif my test results as soon as she know them, and she doesn't efun laugh at Meowmie when Meowmie cums to visit me when I only been at da vet for a few hours. Meowmie says that she is da best sort of vet - the sort of vet dat is interested in us poodins (and woofies and birdies and bun buns etc) as tiny little individual peoples wif dere own purrsonalities and needs and stuffs, not just as 'anofur animal' or 'anofur poodin' . . . Meowmie says dat Carolyn sees me, Muffin, not just anofur cat. I say - of course she sees me, Muffin, cos I rite dere in front of her, and I AM a cat! Sumtimes Meowmie makes no sense! But she says all da ofur beans out dere will unnerstan' specially if dey had sick poodins of dere own and had a good vet to help . . . or efun if dey haf had a bad vet, dey will know wot I mean.

Tyme for bed now - I worn out chasing dat red blobby creature (Meowmie says to tell you it a 'laser pointer' but I say it is a big old nuisance tease dat likes to annoy poodins!)

Headbutts and purrs,


(Meowmie's note: I think Muffin *really* likes the laser pointer - I made it 'disappear' under a chair so she'd get the idea we were finished playing - she's now sat in front of the chair, waiting for it to come out so she can get it again. Poor ol' thing!)

Wild Cat Wednesday

Muffin and I thought about doing Widebody Wednesday, or Wordless Wednesday, but when we saw dis pichur, we decided that it wud be perfickt for a 'wildcat wednesday' instead, and dat we cud do da other types of Wednesdays in other weeks. We tried to get Ebbie to rite sumfing for dis post, but all she did was hiss at us, and we all know dat dat is cat speak for something very rude.

So we gives you Ebbie, in Wildcat Wednesday - doesn't she look fierce and slinky and like a wild, wild dangerous tiger??

In da next pichur we fink dat she's not so wild looking! Don't tell her, but we fink dat Ebbie's furs and colors are furry beyootyful and uneek. Meowmie finks, after looking at dese pichurs, dat Ebbie has actchually put on some weight since she came to lif wif us which Meowmie finks is an okay fing cos she was worried dat Ebbie was so stressed that she wasn't eating enuf and wudn't stay healfy.

Headbutts and purrs, Minx and Muffin

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tortie Toesie Tuesday

Hi Hi! It Muffin here - Meowmie did haf to banish Minxy outside so I could haf a turn on da bloggie. Meowmie told Minxy it was my turn to write somefing, but Minxy was hogging it and wouldna get off the computey! But now it my turn! Which is only rite and proper cos it's my toesies in the pichurs. I don' unnerstan' why da beans like our toesies so much - Meowmie is always trying to stroke or kissy mine, and she even finks it SOOOO kyoot when I put my pawsies on her lips and knit on them - efen though my clawsies are prickin' into her lips and hurtin'!

Anyways, Minxy has been telling effurybody dat I is a furry shy kitty. Dis is just not twu! I is a furry friendly kitty and once I has sniffed you to make sure you don' smell mean (an' I sure all da poodins and beans on day bloggies smell furry furry nice and kind) den I'm furry friendly and will purr at you and rub on you and smooch all ofur you - you just ask da nice lady who comes to help Meowmie wif da houseworks each week. She smell good, and I knew she was da nice ladee cos she smell of ofur nice poodins. But what I trying to say is, I not actchually shy - I was just so in awe of some of da poodins on here dat I was a bit bashful about speakin' to dem in case dey fought I was silly or somefing. Daisy the Curly cat especially is my roll model (Meowmie and me haf been reading her bloggie for munfs) cos not only is she extreemly beyootyful wif gorgeous furs, but she is furry intellygent too - she is furry skilled acrobat, and is studying to beecum a surgeon! I didn' know dat cats could BE surgeons . . . so cos of Daisy dis has made me fink - what could I beecum?? I could get a jobbie like Meowmie and bring home colored papers too so Meowmie doesn't haf to worry so much about paying my vet bills and for medikayshuns and special fuds - I cud pay for dem all myselfs! (I wud efun pay for Minx and Ebbie's fuds cos I eated dems when Meowmie not looking anyways).

I fink dat if I got a jobbie it wud have to be sumfing outside - I like being outside! Maybe I could join da army and be a guard cat! I like's being on guard duty on da next door naybers garage ruf and I is furry good at it! Or I could be a police cat, and patrol and protect da nayberhud, especially from da nasty (well, I guess he no really a nasty poodin I fink maybe he doesn't have a home or maybe he has ignorant beans who dun know how to care properly for man poodins) tom cat who roams da streets sumtimes - he still has his hoohaas, and efun tho Ebbie, Minx and I all haf had our ladygardenectomies, he still tries to get us . . . and he backs us into corners and won't let us go efun if we rolls onto our backs and shows our tummies. Poor Minxy - she wudn't hurt anywun . . . not efun a fly (cos she can't catch dem, ha ha) and she told him and told him she wasn't a threat and wudn't hurt him and jus' wanted to go home to Meowmie - but he still chased her ofur da fence and down da street! And poor Ebbie was so stressed by him dat she had problems wif da litter box (she was a gud girl and didn't pee on da floor, but she kept sitting in da box for long long times and straining to do pees wifout managing too - dere was blood in her urine and her bladder was irritated (just like Ebbie is all da time) and Meowmie had to take her to da vet and get her put on Kitty Prozac! Pur Ebbie! No wunder she crabby sumtimes!

I finks I might likes to be a police cats if I could make da tom cats behave. Or I could be a wild life guide an' take poodins and beans on wildlife safaris and show dem how to hunt birds and meeces - but Daisy and her Mama wud haf to help me catch da lizards!

Headbutts and Purrs,


P.S - Dis is a bonus pichur of me - but you're not allowed to tell Meowmie about it, cos I was just about to put da bitey on Minxy - purrhaps we shud rename da post "Terrible Tortie Tuesday". Ha ha.

P.P.S: Meowmie says dat cos she's trying to haf da better attitude, dat I haf to post one fing dat I'm fankful for each time I post - so today, dats easy. I is fankful dat Meowmie luffs me so much dat she didn't efun fink about spending all the colored papers she had saved on me when my kidneys was sick. If she hadn't I fink I wud haf been in real trubble cos my kidneys wud haf gotten worse . . . but Meowmie let da vet do all da blud tests (and dey was lots of colored papers) and gif me different medicines and efun put me on a drip ofur night to flush da buggies out of my kidneys. An' den she bought me da special fountain efun though I not sure I like it yet. And she gifs me cuddles effury night before I goes to bed, efun tho she gifs me my tablet first and I don' always like dat!