Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Minx would like it to be known that, despite being a Master Criminal, she did NOT steal all the boy cats' hoohaas, nor does she have them in a big pile somewhere - because, like EWWWW!

Meowmie would like it know that, despite having just started this bloggie, there will probably be a hiatus or a complete disappearance because her laptop bit the dust this morning and, as it's been repaired twice in the last year and is nearly four years old, it may now be irreparable and going to the big computer dump in the sky. In which case Meowmie is left with an ancient desktop that's even older than the laptop. Which sucks. And in case you're wondering, she is currently posting this from work - which is bad. Tut tut, misusing public funding for private gain (Meowmie works at a hospital and is posting via the hospital intranet).

Monday, 28 May 2007

Memory Monday, but first . . .

Meowmie is bidding on plates again, but she has a lot to say as well. Firstly, she says dat it doesn't matter dat my paw prints got wiped off da plates, cos she got fotographic evvydense. Um whoops! Secondly, she say dat she not sure dat she like all dese ideas dat Muffin and I getting from da Cat Blogosphere about being more dan just house moggies - she says dat I shouldn' wanta be a Master Criminal and dat poodins can't efun join da police so dat Muffin shud stop finking about it! And lastly she say dat efun if I was a Master Criminal and Muffin was a police cat, what we gonna do? Chase each other so Muffin can arrest me? I say yes, probably, cos we chase each other anyway so wot da difference? She go allll dramatic den and say to think of her, caught between her two babies, one on each side of da law . . . I fink she been watching too much bad TV! And possably buying too many plates. I also fink she just a spoil sport party pooper who is getting in da way of Muffin and I fulfilling our dreams - wot sort of Meowmie is dat??

Anyway, for Memory Monday we haf our favorite foto of Ebbie and Ivory, from when Ebbie was a TINY little kitten and hadn't decided dat she didn't like ofur cats yet . . . and Ivory was still furry laid back cos Ebbie wasn't constantly tryin' to put the bitey on her. We fink dis is furry funny and dat Ivory is furry tolerant and a furry gud big sisfur!

Pee Ess: Meowmie got a new fancy plate in da mail dis morning - dis one is efun bigger dan da ofur ones, so it shud fit LOTS of stinky goodness on it. But maybe not till tomorrow cos she just lost the fancy plates she was bidding on (efun though Muffin was helping) and dat has made her furry grumpy, so we be good poodins for now. Oh, oh, but don't tell Muffin and Ebbie - she did sneak me sum stinky gudness tonight wen day was outside. Only I got any cos I loves it most - dey didn't get any at all. I spoiled efun if I is a Master Criminal. And dey say crime doesn't pay!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

My first Meme!

I is furry excited! Daisy the Curly Cat tagged me for my furry first meme. Da rules of da meme are dis: Kitty Confessions Meme - list as many things as you want, in whatever manner you want, and tag as many kitties as you want. Have fun, everybody! (I hope I do dis rite!)

1. I don' like da wind in my ears and flatten dem to my hed when I go outside on windy days - Meowmie says she can tell what the weather is like by looking at my ears. If dey are both up wen I go out, it is a nice day, one ear down and Meowmie shud take a jacket, two ears down and we shud all go back to bed (I fink we should all go back to bed anyway).

2. My favorite sleeping spot is wherever Ebbie prefers to sleep at da time - if she lyk to sleep in da kitty bed I pinch it off her until she find annuver spot - den I pinch dat spot and make her move again.

3. My favurite fud at da moment is Muffin's prescription fud which Mummy says I not allowed to have cos although it gud for Muffin's kidneys, it not quite have efurryfing a healfy cat needs. But if it da only fud on da floor I gonna eat it. I eat Ebbie's fud if it down too. I only eat my own fud if I absolutely haf to.

4. My favurite fud of all tyme is stinky gudness. Any kind of stinky gudness - if it wet fud den I eat it, and I eat it all, den I eat Ebbie's, den I eat Muffin's, den I fall on da ground lukking lyke a little barrel wiv four legs, ears and a tail, den I waddle bak and see if dere is any more . . . Meowmie says she nevver seen such a skinny cat luk so fat!

5. I an obsessive compulsive kitty - if I start sumfing I haf to finish it - or Meowmie has to. Unfurtunately, Meowmie says I not too brite, so it not a gud combination - lyk if I poop in da litter box, I try to cover it up, only I hop out of day box and try to scratch da floor over it instead of da litter. (Sumtimes I try to scratch da wall onto it too). Den Meowmie has to get up and flush it down da human poopy box for me, cos otherwise I scratch ALL NITE!

6. Lots of people fink I am elegant and mysterious lukking. Meowmie say dat it just hiding dat my hed is completely empty.

7. I fink Meowmie is being furry mean.

8. Lots of people fink I look like a pedigree Russian Blue - Meowmie's upstairs neighbours from a while ago efun said dey wud pay a thousand dollars fur me cos dats wot cats lyk me cost in Korea. Meowmie wudn't sell me though.

9. I lyk to YOWL. And YOWL AND YOWL AND YOWL! Meowmie say I may not be a Russian Blue but surely I got sum Meezer in me. I fink dat a compliment, don' you? Meezers are furry nice!

10. I lyk my belly rubbed - but I pretend not to cos it so undignified.

Phew, dat was hard work! Now I tag Miles and Sammy if dey not already been tagged, and I tag Poppy Q too cos she a NZ blue colored cat as well.

Slavery Sunday

Meowmie try to tell us today that she not our slave - I say "Yes Meowmie, dat why da first fing you did after dinner tonight was scrub and disinfect our litter box - yet we don't clean your poopy box! And dat why you clean and refill da fountain, too . . . and why you always jumping up and down to let us in and out or put our fud bowls down . . . and why we sleep on you insted of you sleeping on us . . . not our slave at all, Meowmie!"

Beans - sumtimes you gotta humour dem.

Headbutts and purrs,


P.S. I got away wif yesterday's plater caper scott free - da police not efen chase me! I not have to go on da lam like Mao at all! I kinda disappointed - going on da lam sound lyk fun.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday Mystery Theatre Presents - The Fabulous Fuzzy Felines in "The Fancy French Plate Fiasco".

The Master Criminal wends her way home, preparing to put her dastardly plan into action!

The scene of the crime - part of Meowmie's collection of fancy french plates! Aren't they so pretty? So sweet? So innocent? So UNSUSPECTING!!!

Oh NO! Who could this be? Surely it's not our Master Criminal in action?

Something seems to be missing - I wonder what it is? Can you see?

Oh the agony! Our Master Criminal, having swiped Meowmie's two latest aquisitions, is preparing to desecrate their beauty by eating Science Diet KIBBLE upon them! Does she hold nothing sacred?

Our Master Criminal inspects the dinner preparations - everything must be JUST SO before she sits down to a good nosh. AND - to compound her crimes - SHE'S ON THE BENCH! Cats AREN'T ALLOWED ON THE BENCH! Oh, will poor Meowmie survive this violation?

Our Master Criminal settles down to enjoy the benefits of her ill gotten gains - and adding injury to insult, in the background is the water fountain that Meowmie bought her and Muffin only the week before!

Not content to enjoy her ill-gotten gains on her own, our Master Criminal lures a young, unsuspecting associate into a life of crime.

Horrified, Meowmie comes upon the scene and quickly retrieves her beloved plates - then has to go and have a very long nap, and a bar of chocolate, to recover from the trauma.

(Please note: No fancy french plates were hurt in the making of this photo story, although they were quickly wiped down at the end. No cats were hurt either, although when Meowmie saw them eating off her plates, it was a lucky escape. The Master Criminal of this piece, Minxy, would like to point out that she *would* have eaten stinky goodness off the plates, but she doesn't have thumbs and didn't think Meowmie would open the tins for her (she was right). The makers of this photo story do NOT condone the placement of cats on the bench under any circumstances. Also, the actors in this story are professional stunt cats - do not try this at home).

And, as a bonus picture, Muffin trying to catch the dratted red bug - can you see it? (Hint: It's in the upper left corner - biggify to see better).

Friday, 25 May 2007

Flummoxed Friday

We's don't know what to rite about tonite . . . we don't have no fluffy poodins 'round here, so we can't do 'Floofy Friday' . . . we don't have no kyoot clothes to wear (and Muffin and I fink we wud prolly freak out if Meowmie tried to put them on us, and Ebbie wud just go ballastic and eat effuryfing like Godzilla) although we were admiring Lilly Lu's furry kyoot mussel shirt earlier on, so we can't do Fashion Friday. We cud do 'Fem Cat Friday' like da nice ladee on da Cat's Protection League Catablog, but she doing it to highlight homeless poodin' who need to be adopted, and 'sides, we all Fem Cats arouwnd here, so it FemCat Friday EFFURYDAY!

Meowmie says I can't really post anyfing too long anyway, cos she on Trademe (NZ version of eBay) trying to win some plates . . . I keep telling her we got lots of plates in da cupboard and dat dey would be better on da floor wif stinky goodness on dem, but she say dese are *special* plates wif fancy pichurs on dem . . . I tell her we got lots of dem in da lounge and dat DEY wud be better on da floor wif stinky goodness on dem too - she jus' look horryfied when I say dat! HEHEHEE.

She say da plates are called 'limoges ware' which I fink is French for 'fancy plates what fancy french poodins get to eat off' (shey say I get da fancy plates bit rite) and dat dey furry expensive - far too expensive to let poodins eat off. I point out to her dat da water fountain she bought for Muffin (and Ebbie and me too, but mostly to help Muffin's kidneys better) usually cost more dan wot she paying for da fancy plates . . . dat made her luk confuzzled, until she remember dat she got da fountain on Trademe slightly second hand (she say da ladee bought it for her poodin and he only used it a few days afore he went to the Bridge - furry sad, and da ladee who sold it was furry furry happy wen Meowmie emailed her to say fank you and tell her da fountain was to help anofur sick poodin stay healfier for longer) for half of wot it usually cost - I tell her dat dat is still more dan she pay for some of da plates, but she so satisfied wif her answer that she fink she win da argument - Beans are funny, don't dey know da poodin always win?

Anyway, I better go now so Meowmie can bid on her fancy plates . . . I hope she doesn' win so she can spend da money on stinky goodness . . . but if she does win I take photos of Muffin and me eating off dem when Meowmie not looking. Hehehehee.

Headbutts and purrs,


Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Thursday Thirteen, and Meowmie Speaks.

So I decided to hijack the blog tonight, since Ebbie and Muffin are outside, and Minx is asleep in an effort to hide from the red bug that keeps following her. No doubt if she were awake, she'd chide me for my appalling english, so lets not tell her I wrote a post, okay? As you might have surmised, I'm Muffin, Minx and Ebbie's Meowmie - and usually I go by the handle 'Meri'. I thought I'd hijack the blog so I could rant a bit about finding a cattery for my girls to stay at while I go away, because I figured you'd all understand how very nerve racking it can be to find just the *right* place for your babies.

The thing is, I don't have much experience with catteries, because I don't actually go away all that much . . . and up until my mother died, if I went away, I'd just leave them with her, and, since she doted on them as much as I do, she looked after them even *better* than I do - talk about spoiled! Just ask anyone about Ivory's 'milk dance' at the fridge - worked everytime.

I did use one cattery a few times, and in nearly all aspects I was really really pleased with it - for one thing, the owner went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to taking my cats in. See, I started taking some, or all, of my cats to her when my mother was going through the long process of dying, and taking her sweet time about it. I often had to stay with my grandfather to care for him, or I was just out of the house so long each day that the cats were being totally neglected . . . and often went unfed from the time I left the house in the morning, till whatever time I rolled in at night. So I had an arrangement with the cattery lady - whenever I needed to I could just pack up my cats and bowl on out, as long as it was a decent hour, and drop them off - no phone call, no booking, no questions asked, no matter what time of year - and she'd look after them for me. She truly was a treasure, and a certified cat lover to boot - didn't matter how many cats she had in, she could tell you, in quite considerable detail, what your cats had been up to on each day of their stay . . . where they'd spent most of their time, which cats they'd associated with and which they'd scrapped with . . . where they slept, how much that ate, peed and pooped.

But, as you can probably tell from that last line - she ran a communal cattery, where most of the cats stayed in one large communal area.

Well, this time I thought I'd rather have the cats stay in a cattery where all the different cats were seperated. I wanted this for two reasons - one, the last time Ebbie stayed in the communal cattery she wasn't happy and spent a lot of time outside, totally pissed off that she couldn't dominate the rest of the cats. She's older now, and crabbier, so I didn't want to add that stress on top of the stress of being in the cattery in the first place. Minx and Muffin I wanted to house together, but thought it would be easier to cope with Muffin's food and medication needs if they were in a separate run too. So I decided to try a new cattery I'd heard good things about that advertised seperate runs and 'electric blankets in each run'.

Well . . . yes . . . it needed the electric blankets cos I'm not sure the building was heated otherwise.

Now, to be fair - the building was new and very very clean. The cats were also clean and well fed and none of them looked overly distressed. No major yowling constantly or anything. Each cat was seperated from the others and everything was . . . . adequate. But darn it, I don't want adequate - I want comfortable at the very least. See, each seperate run was this small cubicle. Think toilet cubicle cut in half with the toilet take out - it was small but tall and narrow, with a small toilet sized window high up on the wall that the cats couldn't even get to to see out. Each cubicle was barren - there was a food dish, a bucket of water, a litter box and a cardboard box(????WTF???) with blankets in for the cats to sleep in. A few toys rounded out the space. What bugged me most was that there was very little floor space, but no attempts had been made to maximise the vertical space by putting in places to climb and sleep - no shelves or ladders or anything. If there had been three dimensional use of the space, it would have been a much more appropriate space to leave cat. But no - they were basicall limited to this . . . well, I'd guess three by three foot floor space a the most. The owner . . . well, there wasn't anything wrong with her either - she seemed conscientious and competent, was obviously cleaning when I got there, had one of the cats out for it's play time (although it was determined not to go back in) and was careful to stress that she got each cat out twice a day for a play and a cuddle. Then she spoiled it by saying that in the evenings she doesn't like to be in the cattery any longer than an hour. And I'm really just like . . . well, I'd like someone that was in and out of the cattery all day, especially since the cattery was a distance from her house . . . and I'd also like someone who likes cats enough that she doesn't see caring for them as something she needs to get done quickly so she can move on to other things. Oh, and she fed cheap food ::sniffs snobbily::

Maybe I'm too fussy . . . maybe these things wouldn't bug other people . . . but . . . well, put it this way, it was no Wag Hotel! And the clincher for me was the fact that as I drove away I just *knew* that there was NO WAY in HELL I was leaving my babies there. I had a horrible burning pain in the pit of my stomach so, since my original cattery was near by, I just turned the car around and, all unannouced headed there.

And I'm glad I did. I haven't seen this lady for about two years - before my mother died anyway, and not only did she recognise and remember me, the first thing she asked was how my mother was! And it was no problem I'd turned up unannounced. Yes, she still has a communal cattery at the moment, and no, it's not brand new and it shows signs of hard kitty usage - but it's scrupulously clean, the cats are all happy and active and playing with each other and eating and peeing and pooping fine. They all run towards you when you go near the enclosure . . . . they have the space to do cat things! And she was only too happy to adapt the communal situation to suit my cats. So Ebbie will be on her own still, in the 'upper cattery' which is a bit older again, but is kept well maintained for cats just like Ebbie with special needs. Minx and Muffin will go into the communal cattery, but will be seperated into a large sleeping cage each at meal times so they can have their own food - they'll stay there for about half an hour then be returned to the main cattery again (once Muffin has had her medication of course). I know this lady, and I trust her to care for my cats . . . it's still not the Wag Hotel, but it is a comfortable, homely cattery, with potplants hung way up high, and a TV in the inside portion, and the outside portion has real tree trunks and branches as well as ramps to play on, and the cats can see the goings on outside, and hear birds, and even watch some construction going on if they're brave enough. And the cattery is close to the lady's house - and I know she's in and out all day.

And that's the other thing - everywhere there is signs of the improvements she's making, and if a cattery can afford to make improvements, you know they must be doing something right! Since I've been there they've built another cattery for the long stay cats - I think it only takes a few cats at a time and has another, seperate outdoor area and everything, and I think more ability to seperate the cats from each other, and is more stable in population so the long stay cats aren't constantly having to deal with new arrivals. She's also having her 'luxury cattery' built which *will* have seperate single and double suites for cats and cat families, but I'm a bit early and it's not finished yet. The thing is that this lady gets what cats needs - her single suit cattery is going to have huge bay windows in it so that the cats can climb into the windows and look out and sun themselves, not stupid little toilet sized windows that the cats can't get to - she knows what cats like to do! So yeah, I booked my babies in there and my anxiety and the nasty burning pain in the pit of my belly went away as soon as I saw this lady. AND I got to say hello to a gorgeous rag doll boy poodin!

So, now I'll give you the Thursday Thirteen - with some input from my poodins even though it's a serious list rather than a funny one! Thanks for listening to me rant and ramble and vent!

The Thursday Thirteen - by Muffin, Minx (and Meowmie) - Thirteen things to look for when inspecting a cattery:

(Disclaimer: I just made these up, although some of them cover points that I've read in various places on how to find a cattery - these are just things I want for my poodins and that I looked for today and will look for even more carefully in the future. I'm not trying to tell anybody what to do, nor am I trying to be some kind of expert . . . it's just that after today I feel quite strongly about the whole thing . . . and, well, maybe I should have left this particular list until next week when I wasn't quite so touchy about it!)

1. The cattery, no matter how old, and not matter whether it's communal or seperate runs, should be scrupulously and spotlessly CLEAN - no pee smell, no poo smell, no old food smell. The smell of clean fluffy cats, cat spit, and the faint tang of a good pet friendly disinfectant is acceptable.

2. The cats should appear happy, alert, and active (with reasonable allowances for temperament and stress caused by changes in environment). Long haired cats should appear well groomed and short haired cats their usual dapper selves. Needless to say, the cats also should be clean, and willing to groom themselves in the usual manner.

3. The owner of the cattery, be it food lady or food dude, should be interested in you and your poodins as individuals - even though your cat can't use your credit card, the cat is the client, and should be treated as such.

4. The owner of the cattery should be willing to accomodate reasonable requests that fulfil any special needs your cat might have, without charging excessively for these extras - feeding special food, administering simple medications like tablets, or housing your cat seperately if the cattery is otherwise communal but your cat is unsuited to this, should not be too much to at least ask.

5. The owner should love your cats as much as you do, and enjoy caring for them, rather than seeing it as a necessary evil that is to be gotten out of the way as soon as possible - there are many easier ways to make money, so why run a cattery unless you actually enjoy your work?

6. The cattery accomodations should be of such a standard that you, yourself, in a pinch, would be prepared to curl up in one of the kitty beds and sleep there (although I won't expect you to eat the kibble or use the litter box).

7. The cattery should not appear to be overly stuffed with poodins - one cat per run, or two to three per double/family suite if the cattery has single accomodations, or . . . well, the communal runs are harder to judge, but there shouldn't be so many cats that each cat doesn't have room to get away from the others and have some alone time - if there's a lot of hissing, snarling and spitting going on, above and beyond what is normal for strange cats of different temperments that have been thrust together, then there might just be too many cats for the area.

8. The cattery owner should have no objection to you inspecting any part of the cattery (excepting their private living areas of course) - areas where you cat will be kept, food preparation areas, cleaning supply areas (if safe, of course) should all be open to your view - in fact, I'd be suspicious of a cattery that didn't want to show you their cleaning supplies . . . might mean they don't have any!

9. There should be, even in a communal cattery, cubby holes or 'boxes' where your poodin can go to be by itself, especially when it first arrives and is getting used to it's new environment. Even in a seperate run, there should be somewhere Puss can hide safely away from prying eyes. Beds, boxes and cubbies etc should be made of a sturdy, not porous, easily cleanable material, such as plastic or painted (with pet safe paint) wood - NOT FRICKIN' CARDBOARD BOXES!!

10. Surfaces and furniture should be easily cleanable and bedding like blankets and towels washed frequently. I'm of the opinion that catteries should make an attempt to be as home like as practical and to me that means providing some sort of furniture that resembles what would be in the home, but is easy to clean - so plastic chairs, maybe, with washable cushions, and vinyl or leather couches that can be wiped down. When inspecting these things, do remember that cats have claws and claws scratch things, so cattery furniture may appear shabby and well worn, but that doesn't mean it's dirty or unhygenic - just think of what your cats favorite scratching pole at home looks like!

11. All catteries should have a mandatory requirement that your cats vaccinations be up to date - this will protect both your cat and the other cats who are being housed in the cattery.

12. Word of mouth is a good way to find a reputable, quality cattery - but still check it out for yourself, as your friends and family may not have the same exacting standards you do - and what is suitable for their fat old Felix, may not suit slim, svelte Sylvester.

13. Lastly, even if the cattery appears fine - trust your gut, which is what I did this afternoon. If your gut starts to ache or burn, or the thought of leaving your darling poodin there makes your heart ache with anxiety, then get the hell out of there, and find a cattery that makes you one hundred percent comfortable!!

Minx: Meowmie has hogged the bloggie ALL NITE! And she didn't efun rite the most impurrtant things on her list - da cattery should have LOTS OF TOYS, LOTS OF NIP, LOTS OF TREATIES, and da food lady or food dude should give LOTS OF CUDDLES AND SCRITCHES AND PETS (and belly rubs to dem dat wants them). But . . . well . . . I guess dat today I actually am fankful dat Meowmie was so cautious and concerned about where she left me and my sisfurs when she goes away - she not efun going away for furry long, only five sleeps, but she wanted so bad to make sure we all alright, and she didn' want to leaf us at home alone efun tho' Aunty Karen wud cum in and feed and cuddle us each day. So I fankful dat Meowmie is being a gud Meowmie to us again. Efun if I not sure I like going away from home to da strange place. But I sure I be fine and haf fun. Maybe.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Widdershins Wednesday? And wot I is fankful for today.

Tonite I fink Meowmie is furry mean! She gotted out da little stubby stick where da little red round blobby creature lifs and let it out to run around da carpet but she nefur let me catch it! I ranned and I ranned and I ranned, round and round in circles efun, which is furry undignified, don't you fink, and den she let it get away unner da armchair! Now I is furry tired! I fink it is furry mean of her to let da little red creature tease me! Doesn' she know I am a furry mitey hunter and dat I can catch birdies and meeces and dat round blobby creatures are beneaf me! (Alldough now it beneaf da armchair and no matter how hard I luk for it, it won' cum owt). She MEAN!

Oh, yeah - Minxy say I haf to do anofur 'wot I fankful for' fing . . . so today I fankful dat Meowmie has putted da short stubby stick away!

Uh oh - Minxy growling at me - she say I doing it wrong! Wot wud she know - she too silly to cat da blobby red creature anyways - and she furry pushy! But okay . . . today I is fankful for my nice ladee vet, Carolyn. Usually when Meowmie takes us to da vet, we all jus' see whoefur is werking dat day - which is okay cos dey is all furry nice ladees. But when my kidneys gotted sick, da vet I saw was Carolyn, and efur since den, effury tym I go, da nurse ladee makes sure I gets to see Carolyn cos Carolyn knows all abowt my problems and my life and is concerned about me and interested in how I'm doing. She always make sure to ask how I am when Meowmie goes to pick up my fud and medication, and she always rings Meowmie wif my test results as soon as she know them, and she doesn't efun laugh at Meowmie when Meowmie cums to visit me when I only been at da vet for a few hours. Meowmie says that she is da best sort of vet - the sort of vet dat is interested in us poodins (and woofies and birdies and bun buns etc) as tiny little individual peoples wif dere own purrsonalities and needs and stuffs, not just as 'anofur animal' or 'anofur poodin' . . . Meowmie says dat Carolyn sees me, Muffin, not just anofur cat. I say - of course she sees me, Muffin, cos I rite dere in front of her, and I AM a cat! Sumtimes Meowmie makes no sense! But she says all da ofur beans out dere will unnerstan' specially if dey had sick poodins of dere own and had a good vet to help . . . or efun if dey haf had a bad vet, dey will know wot I mean.

Tyme for bed now - I worn out chasing dat red blobby creature (Meowmie says to tell you it a 'laser pointer' but I say it is a big old nuisance tease dat likes to annoy poodins!)

Headbutts and purrs,


(Meowmie's note: I think Muffin *really* likes the laser pointer - I made it 'disappear' under a chair so she'd get the idea we were finished playing - she's now sat in front of the chair, waiting for it to come out so she can get it again. Poor ol' thing!)

Wild Cat Wednesday

Muffin and I thought about doing Widebody Wednesday, or Wordless Wednesday, but when we saw dis pichur, we decided that it wud be perfickt for a 'wildcat wednesday' instead, and dat we cud do da other types of Wednesdays in other weeks. We tried to get Ebbie to rite sumfing for dis post, but all she did was hiss at us, and we all know dat dat is cat speak for something very rude.

So we gives you Ebbie, in Wildcat Wednesday - doesn't she look fierce and slinky and like a wild, wild dangerous tiger??

In da next pichur we fink dat she's not so wild looking! Don't tell her, but we fink dat Ebbie's furs and colors are furry beyootyful and uneek. Meowmie finks, after looking at dese pichurs, dat Ebbie has actchually put on some weight since she came to lif wif us which Meowmie finks is an okay fing cos she was worried dat Ebbie was so stressed that she wasn't eating enuf and wudn't stay healfy.

Headbutts and purrs, Minx and Muffin

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tortie Toesie Tuesday

Hi Hi! It Muffin here - Meowmie did haf to banish Minxy outside so I could haf a turn on da bloggie. Meowmie told Minxy it was my turn to write somefing, but Minxy was hogging it and wouldna get off the computey! But now it my turn! Which is only rite and proper cos it's my toesies in the pichurs. I don' unnerstan' why da beans like our toesies so much - Meowmie is always trying to stroke or kissy mine, and she even finks it SOOOO kyoot when I put my pawsies on her lips and knit on them - efen though my clawsies are prickin' into her lips and hurtin'!

Anyways, Minxy has been telling effurybody dat I is a furry shy kitty. Dis is just not twu! I is a furry friendly kitty and once I has sniffed you to make sure you don' smell mean (an' I sure all da poodins and beans on day bloggies smell furry furry nice and kind) den I'm furry friendly and will purr at you and rub on you and smooch all ofur you - you just ask da nice lady who comes to help Meowmie wif da houseworks each week. She smell good, and I knew she was da nice ladee cos she smell of ofur nice poodins. But what I trying to say is, I not actchually shy - I was just so in awe of some of da poodins on here dat I was a bit bashful about speakin' to dem in case dey fought I was silly or somefing. Daisy the Curly cat especially is my roll model (Meowmie and me haf been reading her bloggie for munfs) cos not only is she extreemly beyootyful wif gorgeous furs, but she is furry intellygent too - she is furry skilled acrobat, and is studying to beecum a surgeon! I didn' know dat cats could BE surgeons . . . so cos of Daisy dis has made me fink - what could I beecum?? I could get a jobbie like Meowmie and bring home colored papers too so Meowmie doesn't haf to worry so much about paying my vet bills and for medikayshuns and special fuds - I cud pay for dem all myselfs! (I wud efun pay for Minx and Ebbie's fuds cos I eated dems when Meowmie not looking anyways).

I fink dat if I got a jobbie it wud have to be sumfing outside - I like being outside! Maybe I could join da army and be a guard cat! I like's being on guard duty on da next door naybers garage ruf and I is furry good at it! Or I could be a police cat, and patrol and protect da nayberhud, especially from da nasty (well, I guess he no really a nasty poodin I fink maybe he doesn't have a home or maybe he has ignorant beans who dun know how to care properly for man poodins) tom cat who roams da streets sumtimes - he still has his hoohaas, and efun tho Ebbie, Minx and I all haf had our ladygardenectomies, he still tries to get us . . . and he backs us into corners and won't let us go efun if we rolls onto our backs and shows our tummies. Poor Minxy - she wudn't hurt anywun . . . not efun a fly (cos she can't catch dem, ha ha) and she told him and told him she wasn't a threat and wudn't hurt him and jus' wanted to go home to Meowmie - but he still chased her ofur da fence and down da street! And poor Ebbie was so stressed by him dat she had problems wif da litter box (she was a gud girl and didn't pee on da floor, but she kept sitting in da box for long long times and straining to do pees wifout managing too - dere was blood in her urine and her bladder was irritated (just like Ebbie is all da time) and Meowmie had to take her to da vet and get her put on Kitty Prozac! Pur Ebbie! No wunder she crabby sumtimes!

I finks I might likes to be a police cats if I could make da tom cats behave. Or I could be a wild life guide an' take poodins and beans on wildlife safaris and show dem how to hunt birds and meeces - but Daisy and her Mama wud haf to help me catch da lizards!

Headbutts and Purrs,


P.S - Dis is a bonus pichur of me - but you're not allowed to tell Meowmie about it, cos I was just about to put da bitey on Minxy - purrhaps we shud rename da post "Terrible Tortie Tuesday". Ha ha.

P.P.S: Meowmie says dat cos she's trying to haf da better attitude, dat I haf to post one fing dat I'm fankful for each time I post - so today, dats easy. I is fankful dat Meowmie luffs me so much dat she didn't efun fink about spending all the colored papers she had saved on me when my kidneys was sick. If she hadn't I fink I wud haf been in real trubble cos my kidneys wud haf gotten worse . . . but Meowmie let da vet do all da blud tests (and dey was lots of colored papers) and gif me different medicines and efun put me on a drip ofur night to flush da buggies out of my kidneys. An' den she bought me da special fountain efun though I not sure I like it yet. And she gifs me cuddles effury night before I goes to bed, efun tho she gifs me my tablet first and I don' always like dat!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Man Cat Monday!

Furrst of all (now that I gotted myself let back inside so I could blog by scratchin' scratchin' scratchin' at the door and YOWLING loudly in my best imitation Meezer voice) I want to say that we is furry furry grateful fur all the welcomes we got - so many poodins and their beans have left comments on our bloggie already - we don't knows where you came from or where youse been hiding, but we is furry furry glad you are here, and we feel furry welcome already.

Muffin and I have noticed that on Mondays it is "Man Cat Monday" or "Meezer Monday" on many bloggies. Unfurtunately, we is all girls around here, and none of us are Meezers (I can sorta YOWL like a Meezer and I don't stop until I get what I want, nefur, does that count?), so apart from today, we is going to be doing "Moggy Memory Monday" where we put up pictures of us and our brofur and sisfurs as kittens and stuffs and say a little bit about what was going on.

Today, though, we is doing Man Cat Monday propurrly cos we can post pichurs of our big brofur, Bobby (at least we can when I let Meowmie stop scritchin' me - oooooh, dat good!).

Unfurtunately, because Bobby wasn't with Meowmie for furry long, she didn't get to take many photos of him - she things that she only has about five or so - certainly less than ten. We fink this is furry sad, especially since she has hundreds of Muffin and Me and probably that many at least of Ebbie and Ivory.

This picture was taken not long after Bobby came to live wif Meowmie - he was helping her clean up a flood in the bathroom, and, as you can see, it was furry important to get cleaned up because that's where his litter box was! See, when Meowmie moved into her flat, there was a silly lady living upstairs, and within two weeks of Meowmie moving in, this lady had left a pot on the stove and set off the smoke alarm while she was out, so Meowmie had to call the firemens (and Meowmie had to leave Bobby inside because he hadn't lived with her long enuff to go out!) and then she turned her washing masheen on and didn't know her sink was blocked, so when the sink ofurflowed, it runned down through da ceiling and into Meowmies baffroom! Meowmie says Bobby was furry helpful that day - not only did he let Meowmie know something was wrong, but he inspected the disaster area and supervised the clean up - as you can see, in this picture he is making sure the laundry basket is drying out properly!!

Now I is going to go and add all da nice poodins who said Hi to our bloggie roll. I did try to get Muffin to come and blog too, but she's gone all shy cos one of the furrst Hellos was from Daisy the Curly Cat and Muffin is in awe of Daisy and not just cos of her beautiful colored furs! And sssh, don't tell Muffin I told, be Meowmie and I spotted Muffin drinking out of our new water fountain!

I am furry excited!

This is furry exciting - I have been in the Cat Blogosphere for only a few hours, and barely know how to set things up (although I am having fun adding all sorts of links and blog toys to my blog) and already I am getting visitors and comments! It is furry exciting! I'm sure Muffin would be excited too - except she's in the other room, sleeping on Meowmie's computer chair and hoping that Meowmie doesn't remember that she hasn't had her pill yet tonight (Meowmie will remember because Meowmie gives Muffin her pill then takes her own pills so that the two go together, and Meowmie always remembers her own pills so always remembers Muffins). Ebbie probably shouldn't get excited cos she puts the bitey on people when she's excited . . . but I'm sure she's twitching a slightly interested ear . . . or does that just mean I'm talking so much she wants to pull my whiskers out?

Thank you, Jeter Harris, for our first comment! (I wish I could work out how to reply directly to a comment . . Meowmie knows how to do it on Livejournal where she has her own bloggie, but can't work out how to do it here. Typical - never send a bean to do a cat's work).

Sunday, 20 May 2007

It's all about MME - Minx, Muffin and Ebbie

Ahem . . . Meow mow mow mow . . . My meowmie has given me the honor (she says) of writing the first page on my . . . er . . OUR . . . new blog. She says (she's saying an awful lot - so I don't know why she's not writing the blog) that she's had so much fun reading about all the other poodins and their beans in the catblogosphere that she wanted us to join in. She says I should introduce myself and the other poodins who live with me, and also the poodins who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Purrsonally, I fink that she's letting me do the first post cos I'm the one who talks the most - but I don't talk too much, I'm just furry articulate. Besides, Ebbie is too cranky and crabby to sit down and right a blog - she's much more likely to just take a swipe at the screen then wander off growling, and Muffin is busy at the moment doing . . well, I don't know what she's doing - she's a furry catly cat and likes to hunt birdies and mices and spends lots of the day roaming around the neighbourhood (Mummy says I have to write more about that in a little while) and standing guard in her furvorite sentry spots.

Anyways, I should introduce me and my sisfurs and the ones who came before us. Me first, even though I'm the middle sisfur!

My name is Minx, although Meowmie usually calls me Minxy, or sometimes Mincy (she says that I'm going to be turned to mince meat if I keep yacking up on the carpurrt - she's joking, I think), or Minx a bum bum or ratbag or button or tarty or lady or baby - It really is quite confusing and I wish she'd just make up her mind what my name really is! I'm three years old, and although I look like a Russian Blue (at least a little bit) Meowmie says I'm not - I'm just a plain ol' moggy that she adopted from the SPCA when I was a kitten (She adopted ME? It took her TWO visits to FINALLY listen to me SCREAMING my lungs out at her from my cage and pay attention - and THEN what does she do? Instead of taking my real brofur in the next cage, she picks up a completely unrelated girl kitten in the cage beneath me! That girl kitten hadn't even been there very long! And Meowmie didn't take HER real brofur home efur! She would have been much better off with the four of us! Don't you think?). She took me and my adopted sisfur home and now we live with her in a two bedroom 'flat' (apartment) in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. We don't have a daddy or a food dude or anything, but that's okay - it means Meowmie gives us more attention . . . and Ebbie likes to find her own food dudes anyway.

This is me, the most recent picture Meowmie has, although I think that now we have this blog, Meowmie will be taking many more pictures of us. I think the only other impurrtant thing to
say about me at the moment is that I have a furry sensitive tummy and have to have special tender tummy food from Science Diet (and Meowmie says don't worry - the NZ and Australia kitties were furry lucky and haven't been affected by the food recall).

The second cat that lives here with Meowmie and me is my sisfur, Muffin. She's the same age as me, only two weeks younger, and was adopted on the same day as I was cos Meowmie decided that it wasn't fair to bring only one kitten home when she was going to be out of the house for a lot of the day. She also thought that cos I was gray and Muffin was a dilute calico with a lot of gray, that we matched - only she was wrong, cos my fur is a BLUE gray and Muffin's fur is a BROWN gray and the diffurence is furry impurrtant. Meowmie also says that everybody should have a calico cat called Muffin at some point in their life . . . but I fink that Meowmie just really likes cats and wanted as many as she could justify having. Anyways, the important things about Muffins is that she's a dilute calico who is that same age as I am, although she's chubbier than I am (Meowmie says she is just a different build - I am sleek and slinky and Muffin is 'cobby' - sounds like chubby to me!). She's furry active though, and likes to go outside a LOT and goes all offur the neighbourhood - two years ago Muffin was a part of a university study where the scientists put a tracking collar on her for a week and the satellite in the sky recorded effurywhere she went and put a dot on a map - Meowmie was quite astounded by how far away she went. Not as far as some cats though (especially the man cats who still had their hoohas).

The study was to see what kind of trouble cats caused wif the native wild life - I could have told them that Muffin is BIG trouble - she is always bringing in birds and mice - birds mostly, ususually baby ones (Meowmie calls it 'stupid bird season' - the birds are two young to run away). Muffin has had some interesting hunting adventures - one day Meowmie came home from work and found Muffin hiding in the porch wif a baby Starling . . . and then Meowmie noticed that there were two adult Starlings, one furry close to the porch and one up on the clothesline - they were trying to get their baby back, and effury time Muffin tried to get out of the porch, they would attack her. Meowmie had to rescue Muffin AND the baby bird (the baby bird flew inside and Meowmie had a bit of trouble catching it) . . . Meowmie put the baby bird back in a bush but . . . er . . . well, it might have fallen into my mouf later on (I don't knows how to catch da birdies, but I knows what to do wif them when Muffin gets them for me).

The other adventure was the day Muffin ran inside with a Waxeye (that's a NZ native bird) in her mouf - Meowmie rescued that one . . . only to be startled when ANOFUR one flew out of Muffin's mouf! Muffin is a hunting masheen! She had two birdies in her mouf at once! The one that flew out flew right at me and I caughted it and was furry proud cos that's the only birdie I have effur caught in my life.

The other impurrtant thing about Muffin is that, although she's very young, she's starting to haf kidney problems already. The vet thinks that it's because she had a kidney infection that damaged her kidneys (I fink she gots the infections cos when the sewers burst she drank the toilet water) and now she has to be on special prescription food and half a tablet a day to keep her kidneys healfy. And I must say (but don't tell Meowmie) that this is why our Meowmie is a furry GOOD Meowmie - none of us even knew Muffin was sick, not even Muffin! Muffin says she felt fine, and she was eating well and playing and hunting like normal, but Meowmie knew something was NOT right cos Muffin was drinking more waters than normal and when Meowmie took Muffin to the vet the vet said that Muffin had an infection and her kidneys were getting sick - we fank Goodness that Meowmie noticed this before Muffin even felt sick cos it means that Muffin might live a long long time. Muffin hopes that she doesn't get sick kidneys again cos it meant she had to have lots of blood tests and pee samples and even an ofur night stay at the vets with a drip in her arm (although Meowmie visited her and gave her lots of cuddles). We don't have a picture of Muffin as recent as the ones of me and Ebbie cos Muffin was at the vet the night Meowmie took our pictures - she was missing Muffin, and sad cos she wouldn't get her 'bedtime Muffin cuddles' so she took our pictures instead.

The last cat who lives with us, is Ebbie - her full name is Ebony, but she isn't a black cat. I really should tell you about Ebony's big sister, Ivory before I tell you about Ebbie, but Ebbie is still wif us and Ivory has gone ofur the bridge, so Ebbie has to go first - but Ebbie is called Ebony cos Ivory was called Ivory, even though Ivory isn't a white cat efur. Confusing, yes?

Anyways - originally, Ebbie didn't live wif us. See, Ebbie is seven years old, and Meowmie adopted her when she (Meowmie) still lived at home with her parents. She adopted Ivory first, then Ebbie, and then Meowmie decided to move out into her own place - her parents said that she could go, but the cats weren't allowed to!! So Ivory and Ebbie stand at home with Granny and Granpaw, and Meowmie adopted our big brofur, Bobby, who has also gone to the bridge. Unfurrtunately, Meowmie's parents decided they didn't want to be together anymore, so Ivory and Ebbie went to live with Meowmie's Mommy, and her Mommy's Daddy, Grandad Jack. Ebbie really liked living with Meowmie's Mommy and Grandad Jack, cos Grandad Jack is furry old and doesn't move a lot and stayed still all day so Ebbie could sleep on him. Efun more unfortunately, not long after that, Meowmie's Mommy died, and Grandad Jack had to go into a rest home, so Ivory and Ebbie had to come and live with us. Problem is, Ebbie doesn't really like ofur cats - she never has, not even as a kitten. She tolerate Ivory cos she was raised with Ivory since she was little, and Ivory was bigger than she was, but the happiest week of Ebbie's life was when Ivory ran away - Ebbie has always wanted to be an only cat! Ebbie has also always been kinda cranky and growly and will scratch and put the bitey on the beans without warning when they is petting her, but she's gotten even crankier and crabbier since she had to come and live with us.

At first she spent lots of time upstairs with Meowmie's upstairs neighbours - they is a young married couple who had no pets and no children and who loved and adored Ebbie and let her sleep with them and even bought her her own bed and let her have their spare room all to herself. Ebbie was very happy with them and only came home to eat, but they liked having a pet so much that they decided to get a puppy and since the puppy came, Ebbie doesn't go upstairs no more. Recently she's been going over to our other neighbours cos their elderly dog went to the bridge last year and they don't have no pets anymore, so Ebbie can be an only cat at their house, which she likes . . . but Meowmie thinks she might be wearing out her welcome because she bit the man's hand at breakfast one morning when he reached under the table to pet her - Ebbie doesn't like pettins'! Ebbie still comes home for food, and comes in effurry night for bed, although Meowmie says that sometimes sleeping with Ebbie is like sleeping with a tiger - Ebbie likes to sleep on or next to Meowmie but if Meowmie moves or touches her she gets growled at. If Meowmie keeps moving or touching her she gets the bitey put on her, and sometimes Ebbie can get her claws and teefs through three layers of bedding and make Meowmie's leg bleed. We all know not to mess with Ebbie.

But really, she doesn't bofur us too much - we knows how to deal wif her, and we reckons that life for her ofur the past two or three years, wif all it's moving and changes, hasn't been easy, so we likes her to get her own way cos she's getting to be a geezer cat. Meowmie says that underneath the growly bitey she's really a furry sweet cat, efun if you can't see it . . . and Meowmie also knows that not many ofur people would give Ebbie a chance, so it's better to keep her wif us where she's safe and loved - at least from a distance.

Meowmie says I should mention about us going outside cos she knows many poodins and beans will be worried about this. See, the fing is that when Meowmie got her first cat, Ivory, she didn't know that lots of cats never went outside at all. In New Zealand, where we live, most cats go out - even the pedigree ones often have access outside (although many breeders are now building nice safe outside areas for their poodins) - and not many cats have litter boxes at all! Cats go outside and that's where they do their business! When Meowmie started searching the innernet about cats, she was furry furry suprised to discover that lots - if not most - cats in 'Merika stayed *inside*. But of course, when Meowmie got Ivory and then Ebony, she lived at home and her Paw thought that cats should go outside to do their business, so out they went. When Meowmie got Bobby, then me and Muffin she thought long and hard about whether we should go out or not, but finally decided that we should, cos she's away so much through the day, and didn't think it was fair for us to be shut inside in a small flat - and when Ebbie came to live with us . . . well, three poodins in a two bedroom flat? Ebbie would EAT us! Meowmie does worry about us alot, but we lif on a furry quiet street, their are no coyotes or vishus deers to eat us, and we comes in at night to sleep. Meowmie's fafurite dream is that one day she'll be able to afford to buy us a bigger house, where she can build us a nice cat enclosure attached to the house so we can go outside safely. But she says that won't be for a long time cos she doesn't earn very many colored papers.

This post is getting furry long! But Meowmie wants me to tell you about Ivory and Bobby too!

Ivory was Meowmie's first cat - she was adopted from the SPCA when she was six months old. She was very skinny and very timid but she came home and flopped right down onto Granpaw's bed as if she owned the place, and there she stayed - she knew that the secret to having a good life with Meowmie was to get on Granpaw's good side cos he hadn't wanted Meowmie to get a cat, and Meowmie had to maw and maw and maw for a furry long time before he let her. Ivory wasn't white - she was a very fluffy calico like Muffin and she grew to be furry furry big and fluffy and fat. She wasn't grumpy and crabby like Ebbie, but she didn't put up with much crap efur. If she put her big paw down it stayed down! She went through the same shifts and upheavals as Ebbie did, finally coming to live wif me and Muffin and Meowmie, but we finks it must have been all too much for her, living wif three offur poodins, cos one night she got outside when she wasn't supposed to and neffur came home. The nice officer from the SPCA found her under a bush five weeks later (Meowmie had spent all those weeks walking all ofur the neighbourhood calling for Ivory and posting posters and stuffs - Muffin and Ebbie and I were furry helpful wif this, and we went on her walks with her) but by the time she got her to the vet Ivory was too sick to save - she died on the vet's examination table. Meowmie was, of course, furry sad, but didn't really have a chance to say goodbye to Ivory cos her own Mommy was in hospital dying and her little sisfur was sick and pregnant. We finks that Meowmie still hasn't said goodbye to Ivory properly.

When Meowmie left home, Granny and Grandpaw wouldn't let her take Ivory and Ebbie wif her. Of course, Meowmie was very lonely living alone in her flat, so it didn't take her furry long to head off to the SPCA to find a nice poodin to share her home with. The first time she went she saw a nice, big man cat called 'Boo Boo' (I know - who gives us these names?), but Meowmie thought she wanted a kitten, so she didn't take him home. Well, when she went back the next week, there he was again, waiting patiently in his basket for her to notice him. She gave him scritches and he gave her big cuddles back, and Meowmie finally realised how stupid she had been - this was the man cat for her! And he was a man cat too. He was three years old and had been at the SPCA for three months and hadn't had his hoohaa-ectomy until he got there. So he had big muscles and a big boofy head with all the big thick bones that man cats get. He also had a bad case of 'tom tail' - Meowmie says that 'tom tail' is the place on his tail where day big man cats secrete all their nice smells for the lady cats . . . but since Bobby (Meowmie renamed him Bobby - Bob Cat, get it?) was very white with long silky white furs, his tom tail was very noticable and yellow - Meowmie thought the other cats had been peeing on him until the vet told her what it was!

Sadly, Bobby only lived with Meowmie for eight months. Not long after he came to live with Meowmie he went all floppy and unconscious one night and it took Meowmie a very long time to wake him up - Meowmie took him to the vet, of course, but the vet didn't find anything wrong, and Meowmie didn't have the colored papers to do all the advanced test. Months later, Meowmie let him out at bedtime to go to the toilet . . . he sat on the porch for a while instead of running off immediately and Meowmie stood with him while he looked at her, then out into the night, then back at her and out again, until finally he walked off into the darkness. Meowmie never saw him alive again. She found him the next day, dead under his favorite bush. Meowmie thinks now that when she was stood with him on the porch that night that he was listening to God call him home, and arguing back that he didn't want to leave Meowmie, but finally he knew he had no choice so he said goodbye quietly and left to die alone so that Meowmie would have to see him go. Meowmie says that it was losing Bobby that taught her how to grieve and thinks that her mother's death would have been a lot harder to get through if he hadn't given her that lesson. Meowmie says that Bobby was more like a friend and companion to her than a cat or furbaby - she remembers him always running around the corner of the house when she got home - and says that she had to get two kittens to fill the space he left behind! She even had his name on the answer phone message so people wouldn't know she lived alone. We are all very grateful to our big brofur Bobby, efun though we never met him, and think he was furry special - and the only man cat Meowmie has had!

Phew! I think that's enough for one post - tomorrow Meowmie and I are going to write a post about why cats are such an important and essential part of her life (sheesh - we're important cos we're cats! Do we need any offur reason??).

Headbutts and Purrs, Minx