Friday, 3 August 2007

Friendly Friday?

Meowmie has come to play on da Blogger tonite to escaype da arguments over on Livejournal. Of course, Meowmie has just posted a comment dat prolly won't make da argument go away . . . so she hiding here!

She says dat in da friendly spirit of da cat blogosphere where she doesn't haf to worry abowt argewments, she is posting a photo of Friendly Friday (Don't tell her, but I was really trying to sit on Minxy's head and snuffocayte her).

Mind yoo, Ebbie wasn't being too frendly before - she was growling SO LOUD dat Meowmie had to go see what was wrong. Corse, wot was wrong was Minxy had her trapped in da kitchen and wudn't let her owt into da lounge. So I don't fink Minxy was being furry friendly efur. So . . . dat's confusing. I is sitting on Minxy's head, Minxy is trapping Ebbie, Ebbie is growling, Meowmie is mayking snarky comments ofur on Livejournal - just who is being frendly here??




Daisy said...

One of the very bestest things about the cat blogosphere is how friendly everycat is! I have never been to Livejournal before.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Those are furry cute pikshurs of you. Bounce makes Lucy growl too because he won't let her out of the kitchen or makes her stay under the table. Mom doesn't like it when Bounce does that but he does it anyway.

Chairman Mao said...

Yeah! Ain't that the trooth about the cat bloggiesphere bein' so furriendly. It's the furriendliest, sweetest, kindest place on the innernets! My mom thinks so, too, and she's a bean!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!