Monday, 27 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday again!

Meowmie is still busy playing her stoopid computey gayme. Dis means dat we poodins don't get NEAR da computey dese days. I ask her why she play so much - she say she find it relaxing. I tell her, Silly Bean, she has three poodins, how much more relaxing does she need!! She say we is not furry relaxing poodins between hissings and fightings and yakkings and wantings in and outs and pillings . . . I tell her dat she shud complayn - da pillings aint exaccly relaxing fur me efur . . . dat remind her dat last nyte I foamed at da mouf when she tried to gif me my pills and den I spat it out somewhere she cudn't find so she gaf up. Dat mayke her say dat wot she find relaxing abowt da gayme is killing fings.

I'm sure she not mean dere is poodins in da gayme to kill. But I not tayke da risk and I is quiet after dat.

Minxy is sleeping on da couch by Meowmie's legs at da moment and she SNORING!! Meowmie fink dis is funny - I fink it undignified. POODINS DON'T SNORE! Or at least dey shudn't! Wot you fink? Any of you poodins snore?


The Crew said...

Spitting out your pill is the best way to let humans know you don't like what they're trying to do. If you're really lucky, when it gets all slimy and starts to fall apart, they'll give up!!

My sister says I snore, but I don't believe her. Girls don't snore.


Daisy said...

Sometimes if one of Pixie's pills does not go down right, it will stick in her mouth and foam up. Then I laugh and scream "Pixie's got the rabies! Pixie's got the rabies!"

The Feline Sextet said...

Don't tell we tolded, but Her Majesty snores and da hoomans fink it's funny and cyoot, but she'd have a tantrum if she knewed it!

Judy said...

I dont snore I snuffle, but only when I' m happy

The Furry Kids said...

Me and Tazo don't snore, but Titus sure does.

Earl Grey

Eric and Flynn said...

Hello to yoo three poodins. We heard about yoo furrom our furrend Poppy Q.
I haf to admit I do snore. Mum sez she can hear me furrom the uvver room. I won't haf tablets either, efun the V E T can't git them down me, so that means I haf to be stabbed instead. Flynn is the goody two shoes. He swallows his tablets and he duzn't snore.
I had to go to the V E T yesterday and now Flynn duzn't like me anymore. He keeps hissing at me and running away.
We'll add yer link to our list.
Purrs Eric.

Hot(M)BC said...

Computers are the most relaxing when you can sleep on the warm cpu box or warm monitor. Maybe you should tell your Mom to try that.
your bud Pepi

poppyq said...

hey minx, Muffin and Ebbie,
come and visit me at my bloggie. I wanted to show you My Friday Friend (sorry i have tried all weekend to leave you a comment).

Hope things are well with you and you are wrapped up all warm.

Judy said...

Hey you guys. Haven't heard from you for a while. Hope you is all OK down there in Kiwi land. I miss you. Is Miewmie OK ?

muffinmidi said...

Yes, I have to admit, I snore. Loudly. I love to curl up on my humans.Sometimes I just feel so content that I go into a deep sleep and then start making this noise.....I say it's a way of purring in my sleep. The people don't buy that, though.

THE ZOO said...

hey where isid you guys???

DaisyMae Maus said...

Where are you hidin'? We miss you in the blogosphere! Come back!

The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You!
Yes, It is ME, Anastasia! Karl was thoughtful enough to put the Dare out on the Day of the Dead, so I can come personally! And if you don't accept the challenge, I might just come again and haunt you, Hahahahahahahahaha!

Daisy said...

Are you ever going to come back and play again? I miss you.

me...Fat Eddy said...

Hi, I'm a Maine Coon Cat , but I don't look like one really. I look more like a grey tuxedo guy. I'm actually very handsome and I've got a really troublesome younger brother. His name is Phinny. We'd love it if you'd come to our site and say hey.

Hot(M)BC said...

We hopes yall are doin ok!!! We wanned to wish yoo a
Happy Fanksgiving!
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

DaisyMae Maus said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your fambly! Eat as much (burp!) turkey as you can manage!
DMM and the Feline Americans

We miss you in the blogosphere!!!! Please come back!

THE ZOO said...

Merry Christmas.

Camie's Kitties said...

Happy New Year - we miss you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

DaisyMae Maus said...

Happy Easter!
Teleport over for some ham at 5 PDT.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Where are you guys? It's been nearly a year!

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