Monday, 6 August 2007

Mean Meowmie Monday (Also Miserable Moggy Monday)

I'm afraid I have to report that Muffin, Minx and Ebbie are now residing resplendent in the cattery, and won't be back to play on the Blogosphere until Saturday. Despite thinkin they're suffering a fate worse than death, they're really fine, although it's amazing how fast three cats can vanish when the cat carriers appear.

Ebbie has been installed in the luxury single suite, and when I last saw her was yowling her head off and trembling, the poor thing - she shivers and sheds when she's nervous but I'm sure she'll be fine. To be honest she's got better accomodations at the cattery than she does here! Lots of cubbies to sleep in (I left her pillow in one), a carpet covered round cat appartment thing with two cubbies to choose from, her own scratching post, fresh food, water and big litter tray, and the whole run to herself! She still HISSED at the cat in the adjacent run before she started up her yowling. The cattery owner was just on her way up to turn the heaters on for her before I left because it's raining. I mean, sheesh, heaters!

Muffin and Minx are in the communal cattery - no many cats there at the moment, but the ones who are, some of them are BIG BRUISERS! Beautiful and friendly and cuddly though. I had to pick Muffin and Minxy out of the carrier, and as soon as I did this black bruiser hopped in! And then snarled when the lady got him out again! Anyway, we popped Muffin and Minx in a cubby which they were happy to go into together, and when I lef they were taking turns sticking their heads out to look around. I'm sure they'll be fine too - there's even a TV for them to watch! Some of the cats were snuggling inside where it was warmer, but a whole heap of them had chosen to be in the covered over outside area looking around even though it as raining. Oh, and the BIG FLOOFY ragdoll was still there. HE'S GORGEOUS! And I think what would be a proper Russian Blue - Minxy is gorgeous, but seeing a real blue certainly highlighted that the only thing she has in common with one is her coloring!

Anyway, they'll be fine - food instructions have been given etc etc. Only problem is I'm not sure *I'll* be fine. This is the first night I've spent without them since my mother died. ::sniffsniff::

See you all in five days (I'm hoping to get some pictures of really BIG CATS (tigers) to post).


poppyq said...

Sounds like you must be going to Africa if you are looking for tigers.

Poor little kitties in the cattery!! You better get home soon and rescue them mum.

Daisy said...

Oh no, I am going to miss my friends Minx, Muffin and Ebbie! I might have to teleport over to their fancy cat hotel and visit for a little bit.