Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mischevious Muffin?

Meowmie finks dat Muffin is being a naughty little impy-puss on purrpose, just to worry her. See, while Muffin is a very nice affectionate and cuddly poodin, she doesn't tend to approwch you for cuddles - you go to her and she's quite pleased and happy to gif dem to you, but she doesn't offen come lukking for dem. While Meowmie finks it's sad dat Muffin doesn't, she figures it's cos Ebbie and I are sumtimes mean poodins who don't let Muffin near Meowmie and Muffin has learned it's easier to wait for Meowmie to come to her rafur dan try and get past Ebbie and me.

But in da last few days, Meowmie is worried cos Muffin's behaviour has changed - changed in a good way, but Meowmie still worries cos poodins don't change long standing behafviours for no reason, rite? But I fink maybe Muffin has! See, ofur da last few days Muffin has started crying up da hall way in da middle of da night for no reason - she not hungry, she not want da litter box, she not want out, she not want Meowmie to stand wif her while she eats or pees or poops - she just wants Meowmie to get up and keep her company. Dat not so bad, except Meowmie furry tired cos she got to get up to da baybee cat all da tyme. Meowmie just fink Muffin lonelee and want to make sure Meowmie still dere. Only also ofur da last few days, Muffin been going in to Meowmie's bedroom - dis odd cos, in three years, Muffin NEFUR go into Meowmie's bedroom - she did a little bit when she was a little baybee kitten poodin, but den I chased her owt (cos I was two weeks older and a bit bigger) and den Ebbie cayme along, and Muffin just not bofur trying to get in . . . but last few days Muffin been sneaking in and sniffing and exploring and lukking and den, last night, when I was in da lounge and Ebbie was owt, Muffin went into Meowmie's bedroom and demanded dat Meowmie hurry up and get into bed, and den Muffin curled up on da spare pillow by Meowmie's head and slept dere ALL NYTE! Muffin NEFUR done dat before! She usually sleep in da guest bedroom!

Meowmie wud haf thought dis was okay, except Muffin still woke up and cried efurry couple of hours, mayking Meowmie wayke up to say "It okay, Muffin, Meowmie still here" and giving her pets to mayke her feel sayfe again.

Meowmie not know what to mayke of it! Muffin more clingy now too - she nefur been lyke dis! It's not a bad change (except for da cry baybee poodin bit), but it is a BIG one . . . Meowmie wonder if maybe da last vet visit upset Muffin and scared her, cos Muffin came back wif a bruise on her neck where da blud was stolen, so maybe she wriggled at da wrong tyme and got scared? Or maybe she feeling sick now and want Meowmie close? Meowmie worried dat Muffin know sumfing Meowmie doesn't - like when our brofur, Bobby, wot came before us, died, he knew - he stood wif Meowmie on da porch lukking at Meowmie den out into da nyte lyke he was saying "Sorry, Mom, I don't want to leave you, but I can hear God calling me, and I just have to go, and I don't want you to see me leave . . . " and dat worry Meowmie dat Muffin myte know too.

I fink Meowmie being silly - Muffin furry healfy ofur all. Her kidneys a little bit damaged, but no worse dan da start of da year. Meowmie has her on da prescipshun kidney fud to keep dem healfy, and efun da naughty fud Muffin steals from us hasn't hurt, and yes, Muffin haf a bladder infection, but da antybyoticks clear dat up! Muffin eating well and drinking well, and nuffing wrong with wanting more Meowmie cuddles - I know Meowmie nefur gifs me enuff, speshully when she playing da stupid gayme and I go to cuddle her and she yell "Minxy, Minxy, get OFF the laptop, I'm busy killing things, go away, I can't see, OH FUK I DIED."

Meowmie uses bad words sumtimes.

Fank you for all da replies to da last post - mayde Meowmie feel better knowing she not doing anyfing to mayke Muffin sick, cos she luff Muffin furry much. She did gif Muffin's litter box a good scrub and put fresh litter pearls in - but typically, Muffin hasn't used it since cos she lykes outside better. I lyke da barftub, cos den I can try and try to cover it, den go wayke Meowmie up wif my cold, pee covered paws, so dat she can go fix da mess I mayde - Meowmie LUFFS it when I wake her up by putting Pee Paws on her mouf. TEEHEEHEE!

Headbutts and Purrs,

Minxy (the Monkey - Meowmie calling me dat now. Some how she get from Minx to Minxy to Mincey, to Minkey, to Monkey. Meowmie silly.)


Judy said...

Aoise (my cat) is very like Muffin. Affection is only on her terms. She goes through phases of jumping on the bed, usually about 4am, wanting to snuggle up in my armpit. I call it the breastfeeding session. After about 10 minutes of that and some head rubs, she decides that she has had her quota and then jumps down again. Lately, she hasn'd done it at all. I think she is waiting until I have set the alarm to get up really early !! I think Muffin just got a bit scared and when any of us are scared, what do we want ? Reassurance, endless reassurance and then some. So don't worry, enjoy it while it lasts, even though its wearing you to a frazzle!!

The Crew said...

Once you've made sure she's being treated for any medical problems that may be causing her pain or discomfort, then it may be a phase she's going through. Max is usually very aloof, but once in a while he'll come over for some love & attention. He leaves when he's had enough, but he's always the first one to jump on the bed a night. So, give Muffin all the attention she'll soak up. She'll let you know when she's had enough.

Daisy said...

Sometimes changes in behavior can be a cause for worry, but Muffin just went to the vet, so that's good. Maybe she did get very scairt from the whole ordeal, and just wants some comforting. It sounds like you are keeping a close watch on her.

THE ZOO said...

piper, our 4 year old kitty, started this last year. she cries until she finds me.she drags eeyore around too. no other dolly just any eeyore she has. she wants reassurance that im here. also blade cries while hes going to sleep. he kneads also. hes 8 and was feral when we got him.
we dont think its anything to worry about at all.
ans also she could know shes cute doing this so thats why she does it.