Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Putting on our finking caps . . .

Hi every poodin and bean - Meowmie here! I've just been talking to Muffin's vet - Muffin is still fine and fit as a fiddle, but it turns out that the bladder infection she's got is a particularly difficult type of E. Coli - one that's only sensitive to a single (nasty tasting) antibiotic - and NOT the one she's on for her sniffles! It's good that the infection can be treated, of course, but what worries me is the fact that Muffin is getting these quite frequently, and I have no way of knowing when she's got them because she doesn't have any symptoms whatsoever - sometimes she drinks a little more, but sometimes that doesn't mean anything (last time I took her to the vet when she was drinking more she was fine, no infection).

So what I'm hoping is that all you poodins and beans, with all your vast cat experience, could put your thinking caps on and suggest ways that I can help prevent Muffin from getting these infections in the first place! I mean I only found out about this one by chance because she needed her kidney tests done . . . . and the idea that she's having recurring, chronic infections with hard to treat bacteria really freaks me out! Makes me wonder if it's because I don't keep the house clean enough or something. (First thing I'm doing when I get home is TRIPLE disinfecting the litter box and putting fresh litter pearls in it!). I will ask the vet if there's anything I can do/give her, of course - there might be some sort of supplement for good kidney/bladder health in kitties, maybe something I can add to her water fountain even . . . but yeah, thousands of poodin heads are better than one! Muffin is still very healthy now - but I'd really like her to stay that way for a very long time! She's only three! She's too young to have e.coli.

Thanks guys,

Meowmie (freaking out a bit)


Daisy said...

First off, do not worry about your house, that would not be a cause for Muffin's UTI's. I believe there are some specially formulated foods that can help prevent UTI's. Also, sometimes a cat tends to form crystals in the urine which is very irritating and can lead to UTI's. I had a recurrent UTI, and when they took x-rays, I had bladder stones! I had surgery to remove the stones, and now I have to eat a special prescription food to keep the pH in my urine right. I was just two when I had my surgery!

Drinking lots of water is good, too.

The Meezers said...

we agree with Daisy - prescription food might work. Talk to the v-e-t about that. also, unless you handle infected meat or vegetables and rub your hands all over Muffin or the floors or something like that, your house would not be causing the infections. (but disinfecting the litterbox at least once a month is a good thing to do anyway). If Muffin eats human food, maybe you could hold off and giving her any for a while to see if that changes anything.

drinking water is a good thing!!! Drinking water and not peeing the same amount is not a good thing, so if she's drinking lots of water check to see if she's peeing too.

Meezer Mom

Judy said...

Sorry to hear about Muffin and her water works. I'm no expert but I hope you gets lots of helpful advice. My only thought is; does Muffin have her own litterbox? If she does, and it is reguarly changed/cleaned, I don't see what else you can do, apart from special foods. However, that is an area of expertise for the vet to advise you on. My cat Aoise send her love to all yours, and especially Muffin. She thinks she has very cute eyes.

The Crew said...

Yes, we agree with what's been said. Your vet can recommend a food specifically for cats that have bladder/kidney problems. Please keep us updated.