Saturday, 11 August 2007


We is bak! Home frum PRISUN. Okay, so it wasn't reeeally prisun, but we cudn't go outside at ALL. We was all gud gurl tho, and da cattery laydee gave us all glowing repurts, efun Ebbie - Meowmie wanted to know which Ebbie she'd been lukking after, cos it certainly wasn't hers! But Ebbie lykes it better on her own, so I guess she was all nyce and smoochy wifout da ofur poodins round. Muffin and I were gud too and got upgraded to our own luxury suite away frum da ofur poodins. Not cos we was bad or anyfing - we got on wif da ofur poodins fine and lyked dem all and was nyce to dem and dey was nyce to us, but because we all need our own fuds and Muffin needs her pills, da cattery laydee decided dat since she has extra space available she wud put us in a seperate big run so it was easier for her to feed us and mayke shure we got da rite fud and da ofur cats didn't eat da wrong fud. She lyked us bof a lot too, and Muffin is always a big sweetie poodin efun when she's somewhere strange. When Meowmie cayme to get us, we wudn't come out of our cat condos - we don't haf doze at home, so we didn't wat to leaf dem! She had to pull us out! Ebbie too!

But we home now and happy to be hear - we haf had stinky goodness and Meowmie cuddles and haf explored outside to mayke sure all da gud sniffs are still in da rite place.

Meowmie didn't haf such a gud holiday, efun tho there was a meezer dere for her to cuddle, cos her bestest frend miscarryed her little baby bean da nite Meowmie arrifed . . Meowmie keeps telling her she shud have kittens instead of babies! But dey was all furry sad, so just spent time togefur luffing on each ofur and didn't go out much.

Course, Meowmie still managed to buy a new computey gayme called Werld of Warcraft . . . she says we'll lyke it cos it has cats in it and she'll name da cats after us, but we fink she will just spend too much tyme playing it instead of paying attenshun to us!

Dat is all for now . . . Meowmie is tired cos she was up furry early to catch her plane (What wud she do wif it if she caught it? It's too big to bring home and you can't eat dem lyke da birds wot Muffin catches) and da flyte was furry furry bumpy - some people yakked up lyke I do sumtyme, and Meowmie says dat da only reason she didn't yak up was dat she hadn' had breakfast, and when da playne landed safely efurryone applauded da pilot wot flies it! She's nefur been on a plane where dey were so happy and impressed to be on da ground dat dey clappd da pilot. We don't fink dat flying sound lyke a lot of fun, altho Muffin wants to go to da airport to see da policeman wif his gun and see how sekewrity cud be improved if dere was a police poodin on duty.

(Meowmie's note: Police in New Zealand don't, as a matter of course, carry guns in their day to day duty. Out on the street they're still reletively unarmed, except for pepper spray and night sticks - they have tazers now, but the proper use of them is still being debated. In the current global climate I guess having armed police in the security areas of the airport only makes sense, but this is the first time I've *ever* seen an armed policeman - and I've travelled since 9/11 too - I travelled only a few months afterwards, and while there was a notable difference in security - like x ray machines on domestic flights - there were still no armed police. I travelled again a year or two after 9/11 and the visible security had decreased. You were still X rayed, but only if you went through certain airports . . . but now? I guess the increased terrorist alerts has ramped up security big time - armed police, more staff on the x-ray and metal detectors and they are VIGILANT, your enty on to the plane is barcoded, scanned at the gate, and then your boarding pass rechecked once you're on the plane. It's all done very nicely, but it's still done. Muffin is very impressed that I've seen an armed police man and thinks I'm rather naive to be suprised by it).


Daisy said...

Hooray! I am so glad you got out of prison and back at home where you belong. Even though the upgrade to the luxury suite sounds very wonderful.

I am so sorry to hear the news about your mom's friend. That is sad.

Muffin, if you become a police-cat, I hope you do not have to carry a gun!

poppyq said...

I am glad to hear you are back from the prison. Not much of a holiday for you guys.

Sounds like mum needs to put her feet up and play her computer game. Sorry to hear about her friend - that is very sad.

My mum has learnt that when she goes on holiday now she will always stay at a hotel for a couple of nights. That way she can get away and do things by herself. Friends mean well but sometimes sad things happen. Last time she was in Auckland her friends dad died the night before she arrived. He was very sad and that meant like your mum, my mum stayed at home with them.

Never mind - you all enjoy being back at home. Home is the best place anyways.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

We are glad that you are back home from prison. It does sound like a nice prison.

We are furry sorry about your mom's friend. We feels sad for them too.

The Meezers said...

welcome back!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yeaaaa, yer back frum prizzun. Yoo all sownd like yoo have sum grate stories...and yoo got an upgrade! That's supur cul!

Oh and that's so sad abowt yer mommy's friend. Everything happens for a reason, although it's hard to accept that during such a tough time. We're keeping her in our purrs and our lady is keeping her in her prayers.