Sunday, 19 August 2007

We is furry unimpuressed . . .

We is furry unimpressed with Meowmie at da moment - she sez she hasn't been able to let us blog cos she has been sick (she sez she haz da syde effects of da medycashuns) and cos she has been busy (yesterday she did da foto shoot wif a bean instead of a poodin) but WE KNOW dat da REAL reason she' hasn't let us blog is cos she is PLAYING DA NEW GAYME ALL DA TIME!!

She doesn't fool us!

She didn't efun let me come andblog abowt Muffin going to da vet on Fursday. Muffin is okay, she just needed to go and get her six munf blud tests for her sick kidneys, and she came back from da cat prisun wif da sneezes so Meowmie wanted dat chekked out too. Da blud tests not bak yet but Meowmie pretty shure dey be okay - Muffin has a nekkid patch on her neck and a bruise on her skin where da needle went in; Meowmie finks she mite haf wriggled! - and da vet put Muffin on antty by oticks for da sneezes just in case, cos Muffin's sick kidneys means it's better if she not get sick at all. Da sneezes are getting better now - not nearly as much or as often - altho Meowmie getting frustrated cos she trying to keep Muffin inside where it warm and cosy and gud for sneezes, but Muffin want outside all da tyme! (Muffin silly - I lyke it inside, specially when da heater on).

Meowmie ALSO didn't let us tell you dat we haf anofur new cousin - Meowmie's sisfur, da one dat got da Maine Coon kitten, Saxon, just got to adopt Saxon's full litter mate, Sherbert. Meowmie is furry jealous cos Sherbert's breeder let Meowmie's sisfur have her for free, cos Sherbert has a problem wif her chest and needed a gud home dat wud luff her and not mind maybe da extra vet bills, so da breeder thought dat Meowmie's sisfur wud tayke gud care of her and dat is was nice dat Sherbert got to be wif her full brofur . . . Meowmie says dat dey hissing at each ofur tho cos they been away from each ofur for ofur a munf!

Meowmie is furry tempted to put her name down for one of da new kittens dat da breeder's lady cats is haffing (she has two Queens dat are haffing kittens) but Meowmie knows dat she has to do what is best for us, her current poodins, and for da baybee kitten - and Meowmie knows dat Ebbie wud want to EAT da kitten, and dat Meowmie herself doesn't really haf enuff colored paypers to luk after anofur poodin, espheshully if Muffin needs her kidneys looked after more. But Meowmie says dat one day we WILL get a new Maine Coon brofur - I fink I wud lyke dat. As long as he knows who boss!

Dat all for now - I try and mayke Meowme tayke proper fotos of us poodins instead of silly fotos of da bean's university graduashun!

Lots of purrs and headbutts,



The Meezers said...

::Sigh:: it's terrible when the beans always have something else to do that is just not as important as blogging. they need to get their priorities straight.

Daisy said...

On Minxy, I am sorry that your mom has been sick, and Muffin sick, too. Taking stinky antibiotics is No Fun.

Congratulations on your new cousin. I hope Sherbert's chest problem is not very bad.