Saturday, 30 June 2007

Really, sum Meowmies are furry slack.

We haf been trying for AGES to get Meowmie to let us on da innarwebs so we can blog, but she's always TOO busy. So we have pinched her lappy while she's not lukking so we can at least do a short update. Minxy is still in disgrace - not fur lukking at kitty porn anymore, but for making it hard for Meowmie to sleep . . . . Minxy likes to sleep on Meowmie's hip. Ebbie likes to sleep curled up by Meowmie's knees - furstly, Meowmie says Minxy is too heaffy for her hips, efun tho Minxy is small, cos Meowmie has owie hips . . and secundly, if Minxy gets too close Ebbie growl and puts the bitey on whatefur she can reach - usually Meowmie's legs. Sumtimes, Meowmie doesn't get too much sleep.

But wot I really wanted to blog about was our new cousin! Meowmie's sisfur hasadopted a new baby - a peddygree Maine Coon kitten called "Shiningwater Barley Sugar" which is a furry fancee name, so Aunty Kara calls him "Saxon". He is furry kyoot and fluffy (not as kyoot as me tho, Meowmie says) and I wish he wud come and visit so we cud get to meet him! But I haf a picchur too so you can see him!

Isn't he kyoot? I fink he's kyoot! Meowmie wud luff anofur kitten, specially a fancee peddygree one (just to say she had one not cos she finks dey is better) - I fink me and Minxy wud be okay wif a new baby poodin in da house, once we got used to him/her . . . but Meowmie knows that Ebbie wud be furry UNHAPPY wif a new kitten and wud try to EAT it, and Meowmie doesn't want Ebbie to be anymore grumpy dan she already is. We don't mind dat either - more luff and pettins for us!
I try to post more offen from now on - dere is more tummy pictures wot Meowmie tuk and some toesie ones too. I efun try to sneak Minxy on here too - or at least try and get her bak in Meowmie's gud buks!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tummy Tuesday

I is NOT happy with Meowmie today - not only did she TAKE pikchurs of my TUMMY (NOONE sees my tummy) but dey not efun GUD pikchurs of my tummy (cos she had to take them backwards cos I was sitting above her hed and if she moves I move too teehee) and now she wants me to POST dem for tummy Tuesday. I not WANT to . . . but I say okay cos she say if I do she mite let Minxy bak on da Net for a while tomorrow. Minxy not allowed on da Net today cos Meowmie still cross wif her - Meowmie says dat wot mayde it wurser was dat Minxy wasn't just lukking at NICE unneutered tomcats (lyke da ones dat live wif beans so dey can mayke da nice fancee baybees wif da nice lady Queen poodins) but dey was WILD tomcats, wif ragged ears and smelly tayles dat fight all da tyme and . . ::tries not to swoon:: I KNOW - shocking isn't it? As a future police poodin I was furry shocked too, but Minxy is my sisfur so I luf her anyways.
And cos I luf her, efun if she is a Master Criminal and Kitty Porn pervert, I post day bad pikchurs of my tummy.

Meowmie cut off my hed and my fut in this one - but it shows the bestest glimpse of my tummy. Told you Meowmie cudn't use the flashy box (she says it's hard to tayke pikchurs ofur ur hed. I fink she just mayking excuses).

Dis one better - I hope it doesn't get any of da mancats out dere excyted - I is NOT that kind of gurlcat. I is a seryous professhunal career cat!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Muffin Monday!

Today I decided dat I shud haf da blog to myself and post pichurs for Muffin Monday! Meowmie was furry helpful last nite and tuk fotos of me playing wif my mousie. She bought herself a new little pichur box dat is easier for her to get out and use kwikly so dat she doesn't miss da gud shots. She has a big pichur box too, but by da tyme she got it out of da case and put it on the rite settings and mayde sure she has da rite lense on, I gotten bored and gone to tayke a nap. But last nite she got sum of me POUNCING . . . altho day not furry gud cos I is FURRY fast when I POUNCE and Meowmie not dat gud at tayking pichurs (efun tho she fink she is and has fancy cameras). If she had been furry clever she wud have tayken a movie of me - but she not used to haffing da abilitee to tayke movies cos her fancee camera doesn't. I remind her next tyme I POUNCE and den we can haf Movie Muffin Monday too!

Here I is, running inside!

Wot?? NO FUD!!

Dat better! Meowmie, you are getting furry sloppy in ur catly duties.

Now I haf da energy to POUNCE!


And now Mousie and I are furry tired so we haf a rest.

Also - maybe we not see Minx on da Blogosphere for a while cos Meowmie caught her downloading kitty porn - she wos lukking at pichurs of da (SSSSHHHH) tomcats. Da UNNEUTERED tomcats. Bad Minxy!! Meowmie is NOT happy! No wunder Minxy has a bad reputayshun! And not just cos she a Master Criminal!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Shhhhhh . . .

Don't tell Meowmie, but we is on her laptop computey while she's on the human poopy box. she will be cross if she finds us - she said that nothing was safe, dat da new lappy had cat fur on it four seconds after she unpackaged it! She is rite, dere was, cos I, Minxy, shed some furs special, and den I rubbed my cheeks on da corners so it had da gud smells on it . . . but I don't know why she so cross wif a bit of cat furs when just a minute ago she sneezed and put bean boogers all ofur da screen. Silly Meowmie!

Anyways, da impurrtant fing is dat WE BAK ON DA NET NOW - as long as Meowmie doesn't catch us. Teehee. She finks dat da fancee biometric finger print scanner will stop us from logging on to her lappy . . . but we scanned our paw prints when she wasn't lukking. She says this lappy is so fancee she not know wot half da stuff is for . . . we bet we can werk it all out though . . . maybee efun use da web cam to talk to our frens! YAY!

Uhoh - Meowmie coming, we go now.

Luv, Minx, Muffin and Ebbie.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Weee back! Fur a minut anyways!

Shh, don't tell Meowmie, but we's snucked onto da big ol' desktop computey while she not lukkin. We dun know why she doesn' like using it - she's says it's old an' cranky and temperamental, but so is Ebbie an we still keeps her around - but we fink it's fine to use, cos we not dat fast at typin' anyways.

We's snuck on to give you sum gud news tho - Meowmie's laptop, wot she says is much better to surf da net on, is able to be fixed afta all. She says dat it was da video card wot maykes da picturs on da screen dat broke, and she said rude words when she tole us that cos it's da THURD tyme dis year dat it's needed replaced - furst time it brok in March, and dey sent a new one, but DAT broke as soon as it got putted in, so dey sent a secund new one, and dat one only lasted TWO MUNFS!! Meowmie not please wif da Dell compy companee - speshully as da tyme it brok in March it tuk ofur a MUNF to get fixed cos of da Chynees New Year in Mahlaysha. Meowmie hopes dey is quicker at sending da new video card dis tyme so we can get bak to posting regularly.

Da ofur piece of excyting news is dat Meowmie is fed up wif da old laptop anyways, so she did go and buy a new one dat won't brayke down - but da new one cud take six weeks to get here which is why Meowmie wants the old one fixed quickly too. Meowmie say she not get a Dell dis tyme, she get a Toe-shee-baaa. But we don' care - we just want a lappy to get bak on da blogosphere! We tryed to tell Meowmie dat wen she get da new lappy, we cud haf da ol' one to ourselves, but she not fink dat a gud idea - she say she going to sell da old one to help pay for da new one. We fink she a spoil sport.

We haf been furry gud poodins during Meowmie's computey crisis tho - she mite not haf had a laptop computey, but she still have lots of fings on her lap! Lyk me, and Muffin (speshully Muffin - Muffin has been soopa smoochy) and Ebbie sumtymes too! An da ofur nyte Muffin hopped onto the armchair wif me and I put my paw around her shoulder to cuddle her and I likked her ears to clean dem cos dey wos dirty . . . Meowmie thought we was furry kyoot, but den Muffin decided she had enuff and put da bitey on me . . . okay, so maybee I wos holding her a little bit too hard . . and maybee da likks on her ears had sum teef nibbles as well as likking . . but Meowmie was upset cos she bited me afore Meowmie got da flashy box to tayke picturs.

Uhoh, we gotta go now . . Meowmie coming - she say da old computer too temperamental fur poodins to use and if it crashes (how can it crash? It got no legs or wheels, silly bean) den she be furry cross!